PP140-Jeevan Ka Lakshya

PP139-Samarpan (Hindi)

PP138-Guru Darshan (Hindi)

PP137-Guru Aajnya (Hindi)

PP136-Mere Gurudev (Hindi)

PP135-Purusharth (Hindi)

PP134-Shishya Ka Nirman (Hindi)

PP133-Sadhna Ki Shakti (Hindi)

PP132-Guru Shishya (Hindi)

PP131-Samarpan (Hindi)

PP130-Satat Chalte Raho (Hindi)

PP129-Guru Ki Prasannata (Hindi)

PP128-Guru Kripa Aur Samarpan (Hindi)

PP127 Bhakti Marg (Hindi)

PP126-Bhakt Aur Bhagvan (Hindi)

PP125 - True Disciple (English)

PP124-The Power of Determination (English)

PP123-Patience (English)

PP122 - Guru Disciple Relationship (English)

PP121-Sewa Aur Samarpan (Hindi)

PP120-Guru Bhakti (Hindi)

PP119-Shrestha Sadhak (Hindi)

PP118-Samarpan (Hindi)

PP117-Sangharsh (Hindi)

PP116 -Shreshth Chunav (Hindi)

PP115-Deep Ban Jalte Rahenge (Hindi)

PP114-Guru Agya (Hindi)

PP113-Samarpan (Hindi)

PP112-Guru Kripa (Hindi)

PP111-Bhakt Gopanna (Hindi)

PP110-Dhyaan Moolam Gururmurti (Hindi)

PP109 - Guru Mahima (Hindi)

PP108-Guru Mahima (Hindi)

PP107-Yuva Shakti (Hindi)

PP106-Guru Ke Panch Roop (Hindi)

PP105 - Guru Mahima (Hindi)

PP104-Shashvat Prem (Hindi)

PP103-Chalte Chalen (Hindi)

PP102-Gurudev Shishya Vatsal (Hindi)

PP101-Abhyas Aur Vairagya (Hindi)

PP100-Man (Hindi)

PP099 - Bhakti Aur Bhav (Hindi)

PP098-Dridh Sadhak (Hindi)

PP097-Dhairya Aur Vishwas (Hindi)

PP096 - Guru Ka Chintan (Punjabi)

PP095-Guru Ko Arpit Man (Hindi)

PP094-Sacha Sadhak (Hindi)

PP093-Guru Ka Chintan (Hindi)

PP092-Guru Par Vishwas (Hindi)

PP091-Sangathan (Punjabi)

PP090 Sadhna Ki Mahanata (Hindi)

PP089-Swayam Par Vijay Prapt Karna (Hindi)

PP88-Guru Par Vishwas (Hindi)

PP087 - Guru Ka Prem (Hindi)

PP086-Guru Prem (Hindi)

PP085-Dhairya Aur Vishwas (English)

PP084-Margdarshak (Hindi)

PP083-Shreshta Kala (Hindi)

PP082-Safalta ke teen sutra (Hindi)

PP081-Shishya Ke Jivan Ka Aadhar Guru (Hindi)

PP080-Devotion Pays Rewards (English)

PP079-Sadguru ko eklakshit karo (Hindi)

PP078 - Dhairya Aur Vishwas (Hindi)

PP077-Guru Hi Parbrahma (Hindi)

PP076-Guru Chintan (Hindi)

PP075-Sewa (Hindi)

PP074-Guru Ek Maa (Hindi)

PP073 - Shashwat Sambandh (Hindi)

PP072-Prarthna (Hindi)

PP071 - Daro Mat Tumhara Bhavishya Sadhe Hatho Me

PP070-Guru Bhakti (Hindi)

PP069-Guru Mahima (Hindi)

PP068 - Sangharsh (Hindi)

PP067 - Karunamayi Sant (Hindi)

PP066-Charaiveti-Charaiveti (Hindi)

PP065-Guru Prem Aur Sadhna (Hindi)

PP064 - Unity (English)

PP063 - Shishya Dharma (Hindi)

PP062 - Gun Sab Guru Ke Vachnai Mahi (Hindi)

PP061-Samarpan (Hindi)

PP060 - Samarpan (Hindi)

PP059-Guru Aagnya (Hindi)

PP058 - Dharm Ke Lakshan (Hindi)

PP057 - Sachhi Sewa Se Shishya Ka Nirmaan(Punjabi)

PP056-Sprituality: Need Of The Hour (English)

PP055-Guru Kripa Ka Aadhar - Purusharth (Hindi)

PP054-Sadhna (Hindi)

PP053-Dridh Sankalp (Hindi)

PP052 - Sewa (Hindi)

PP051-Guru Shishya Sambandh-Hindi

PP50-Guru Ka Sarvshreshth Prem - Punjabi

PP049-Guru Mahima (Hindi)

PP048-Divya Kranti Ke Teen Sutra (Hindi)

PP047-Guru Mahima (Hindi)

PP046-Prarthana (Hindi)

PP045-Guru Vachan (Hindi)

PP044-Ekaagrata (Hindi)

PP043-Vishwas (Hindi)

PP042-Ananya Chintan (Hindi)

PP041-Prarthana (Hindi)

PP040-Shishya Dharm (English)

PP039-Guru Chitan

PP038-Samarpan (Hindi)

PP037-Guru Shishya Ka Antarik Sambandh

PP036-Samarpan (Hindi)

PP035 - Positive Living With Gratitude (English)

PP034 - Aadhyatmik Kranti (Hindi)

PP033 - Guru Mata Pita (Hindi)

PP032-Samarpan (Hindi)

PP031 - Sewa (Hindi)

PP030-Sangathan (Hindi)

PP029 - Guru Mahima (Hindi)

PP028 - Samarpan (Hindi)

PP027-Sadhak (Hindi)

PP026 - Faith (English)

PP025 - Nishkam Sewa (Hindi)

PP024 - Dhairya (Hindi)

PP023 - Pariksha (Sadhana) (Hindi)

PP022 - Guru Ka Mahatva (Hindi)

PP021 - Guru Mahima (Hindi)

PP20 - Sadhna (Hindi)

PP19 - Sewa (Hindi)

PP18 - Vishwas (Hindi)

PP17 - Sanshay & Vishwas (Hindi)

PP16 - Divine Vision (English)

PP15 - Sangathan (Hindi)

PP14 - Guru Agya (Hindi)

PP13 - Sangharsh (Hindi)

PP12 - Guru: Shishya Ka Nirmata (Hindi)

PP11 - Faith (English)

PP10 - Guru Bhakti (Hindi)

PP09 - Guru Mahima (Hindi)

PP08 - Utsah, Ekta, Vishwas

PP07 - Guru Kripa (Hindi)

PP06 - Viveki Sadhak (Hindi)

PP05 - Guru: Shishya Ka Nirmata (Hindi)

PP04 - Guru Disciple Relation (English)

PP03 - Guru Mahima (Hindi)

PP02 - Guru Mahima (Hindi)

PP01 - Guru Charan (Hindi)

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