About Manthan

DJJS’s Holistic Education  Program – epitomizesan internal evolution process that enables a child to reach out to his/her own self, realizing his latent potential. We believe strengthening the backbone of our country, helping in elimination of vices and laying a rock-like strong foundation for virtues.

Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji says

Any kind of education is justified only when it enables an individual to serve the society through the potent of his/her own wisdom”.

It works on building an overall character of a child through holistic education. It also focuses on empowering students through initiatives, like — capacity building, health care, nutrition, field visits and establishing a connection with his divine existence that rests in spirituality.

The program particularity focuses upon the underprivileged and underperforming children some of whom are drop outs or even first generation learners.  The students are encouraged and motivated regularly. They are given individual attention and personal counseling. Mainstream education initiatives are promoted through DJJS non-formal schools (Sampoorna Vikas Kendras) in rural belts of Bihar and urban slums of Delhi, Haryana and Punjab. The program extends its reach to empower women through education.