World over, November 25th is marked as International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women for more than 30 years now. Still the statistics are unfortunately blotched by facts such as 1 woman out of 3 experiencing violence today throughout the world. Tagging violence as a violation of human rights, this year UN has marked a 16 day campaign against Gender Based Violence from 25th November End Violence Day till 10th December 2015 which is the Human Rights Day, for the whole world.

21st century Rani Jhansis on 2-wheelers awakening masses to end violence against women in Maharashtra

Santulan – the Gender Equality program of DJJS which has been instrumental in the field of fighting discrimination as well as violence against women through unique socio-spiritual methods; has endorsed the same campaign led by the UN and is undertaking a number of atleast 20 mass awareness rallies in 20 different cities of India under the theme of “Respect Women, Elevate the World”. These rallies would directly benefit a number of around 100000 people in these 16 days throughout the nation.

21st century Rani Jhansis on 2-wheelers awakening masses to end violence against women in Maharashtra

The flag off rally was conducted by Latur center of DJJS in Maharashtra, a state that roofs the second largest population in India, and a very low sex ratio at the same time. The two-hour awareness walk, heading towards Sidheshwar Mandir, began from Town Hall spreading the word of awareness in areas like Shivaji chowk and Gandhi chowk, etc. It was initiated by female police officers and sadhvis of DJJS.

The rally witnessed 400 female participants dressed in state's traditional attire, on foot as well as on 2-wheelers who howled the slogans on streets and lanes to sensitize masses to stop violence against women. Placards, hoardings and banners of slogans stressing on value for girl child, were some of the agenda points of awareness.

At the rally's assembly point, a skit showcasing the discrimination filled life of a girl since birth was presented by young female volunteers. The journey of a girl, from the time she takes her first breath, till the time it gets to survive, it bears the burden of inequality, discrimination, subordination, violence and many such social menaces, was displayed. Towards the end, the participants turned change agents, pledged to unite and direct efforts to re-establish status of women in the society as whole.

DJJS is a socio-spiritual organization with a remarkable force of women Sadhvis managing many important works. Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, the moving spirit behind the Sansthan with a vision of achieving Global Peace through Spiritual Awakening, believes in gender equity and encourages women for holistic empowerment based on the realization of their true selves.

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