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Monthly Spiritual Congregation is not only a medium to introspect and regularize our lives but also a way to connect with our soul. It urges us to prioritize effectively, act decisively so as to lead a meaningful life. All the devotees look forward to it every month in order to recharge themselves so that they can tread the path of spirituality with full vigour and vitality. The Monthly Spiritual Congregation at Amravati, Maharashtra on 18th August, 2019 saw a huge gathering as devotees accumulated to imbibe the grace of their Guru.

A Spellbound Spiritual Congregation at Amravati, Maharashtra Accentuated Need of Guru

Preacher Disciple of H.H Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, began the spiritual discourse with a soulful devotional song Guru Astakam composed by Adi Guru Shankaracharya Ji and explained the meaning of the shlokas therein. In current times, the human being is hurried to acquire skills which are saleable in market and can earn them livelihood. In the ever-changing contour of the world, skills get redundant frequently and that pushes an individual to learn new ones. Learn, unlearn, relearn and adapt is the cycle which fetters and exhausts life in this fast-paced world. In the quest of skills- building, one forgets the importance of character and determination building which is necessary to meet purpose of life.

A Spellbound Spiritual Congregation at Amravati, Maharashtra Accentuated Need of Guru

Guru Astakam elucidates need of Guru- the one who transforms human from a world of death to eternal immortality. Adi Shankaracharya Ji says a person may have all the qualities and skills in the world, yet if there is no devotion for Guru, all are in vain. In our scriptures, the lotus feet of Guru have been venerated and prayers onto them are considered to be of highest form. Citing an example from Guru Astakam, Sadhvi Ji said, in the materialistic view, having a beautiful body, good looking spouse, fame and money are the marks of success. However, as per the wise, all these marks of material success lead to despair in the long run. A person has to experience sorrow if, in spite of all its qualities doesn’t have gratitude for Guru. Perfect master of current times, Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji says, Guru doesn’t need to look for skilled people to do his work rather he reaches out to devoted individuals so as to skill them up and make them fit to accomplish any task.

Sadhvi Ji explained through numerous examples of intellectuals, poets and authors, who have eventually become directionless in spite of being highly skilled. The primary reason for them to taste uncouth failure is their indifference towards purpose of life. Guru’s feet, the scriptures pronounce, form the base of meditation. Only a true Guru has the ability to impart technique of meditation to its disciple. A disciple, practicing on meditation inculcates several special qualities naturally and at the same time can fulfill duties of the material world.

The devotees who had gathered at the discourse were contended to the core after receiving these valuable pearls of wisdom at the spiritual congregation.

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