Under the initiative of Antarkranti project of DJJS, an exclusive series of 3 days spiritual session is designed and is being conducted across the jails of Haryana. The exclusive series is a progressive step towards amendment of mindset among the offenders and shielding non-offenders from falling prey to the criminal networking. The series has covered the following jails of Haryana till now and aims to cover many others in near future:

An Exclusive Series to lead the way from the Darkness of Haryana Jails
  • District Jail , Kurukshetra (Men Cell)
  • District Jail , Kurukshetra (Women Cell)

A special team comprising of musicians, vocalists, speakers, sound operators, etc is put together solely for this event. The series has been commenced and District Jail, Kurukshetra (Men & Women Cell) has been covered so far wherein excellent attendance of 175 prisoners was reported. 

An Exclusive Series to lead the way from the Darkness of Haryana Jails

The series is aimed at providing spiritual empowerment to the prisoners and illuminating them with the introspection and self-correction process. The series is targeted to create a significant impact in the lives of as many prisoners as possible in least amount of time by making them learn eternal meditation technique (Brahm Gyan).

Remarkable response was received from the Kurukshetra Jail. The Jail authorities presented a verbal as well as written token of appreciation to Antarkranti team. The series is running successfully and is expected to cover the rest of the mentioned jails in few weeks’ time.

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