In the contemporary times when gadgets have filled our homes, man is seeking to sooth his heart with sentiments that no electronic devices can generate. Science and technology has not advanced to such heights yet and probably never will, but spirituality has crossed all realms. Present time is devoid of values such as compassion, kindness, empathy, humility and gratitude. If human heart is missing its characteristics features then where is civilization heading towards? Pondering over this fact is heart wrecking.

Bhajan Sandhya Quenched Parched Hearts at Meerut, Uttar Pradesh

Human hearts have been the source and destination of such values, which could be described as salient features of humanity. Heart is the seat of spirit of every life. It is here that divine values reside, emerge and emanate. Although it takes application of mind to interpret the lyrics of a song, but every soulful melody and lyrics touches our hearts alone. The need of the hour is to drench our hearts with divine values of peace, love and joy so that human virtues do not go extinct.

Bhajan Sandhya Quenched Parched Hearts at Meerut, Uttar Pradesh

Brilliant lyrics with insightful meaning were sung to the melodious tunes which evoked spiritual values. Feelings of devotion, surrender, gratitude and sincerity surged the gathering at Bhajan Sandhya organised by Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan at Aughernath Temple, Meerut Cantt, Meerut, UP on 21st March 2016. Sadhvi Shivani Bharti Ji, daughter disciple of Sri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, elucidated the need of the hour to develop such divine values with the help of incredible bhajans.

It is through the science of “Brahma Gyan” bestowed by perfect master Sri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, that one can soak his/her heart with the divine music of the Brahman. It is only then that our hearts, the seat of divine spirit, can be filled with meaning and purpose of life by inculcating human values and sentiments.

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