Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan is a socio-spiritual non-profit organization that is founded and headed by His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji. He is a saint with a vision of collective higher consciousness, making humanity experience an ecstasy transcending the dimensions of visible universe by revealing the inherent divinity in man, engaged in gradual but systematic transformation from the dormant to the conscious state culminating in the self-conscious. Under his guidance a euphoric Bhajan Sandhya-Rashtra Aradhan was organized in Naya Nangal, Punjab on 7th May, 2017.

Bhajan Sandhya - Rashtra Aradhan Illuminated the Minds in Naya Nangal, Punjab

Devotional concert began with chanting god’s name and singing heart soothing love songs of devotion and commitment towards almighty. Crowd was humming and clapping with the performers and dancing to the tunes of bhajans. After indulging performance, Sadhvi Rupeshwari Bharti Ji discussed the condition of today’s society regarding education, cleanliness, health, addiction to drugs and technology and other important aspects. She provided the solution by quoting Sai Baba “The nation can prosper and be happy only when education develops in an atmosphere of truth, love and reverence”.

Bhajan Sandhya - Rashtra Aradhan Illuminated the Minds in Naya Nangal, Punjab

She further conversed only true religion can prevent democratic rule from developing into mob rule. A nation can prosper only as its citizens are religious, intelligent, capable of service and eager to render it. A nation can be held together by shared values, shared believes, shared attitudes. That is what enables the people to maintain a cohesive society despite the tensions of daily life. This is what enables them to rise above the conflicts that plague any society. That is what gives a nation its tone, its fiber, its integrity, its moral style and its capacity to endure. Progress of society is direct consequence of peaceful minds. The price of peace is righteousness. People may loudly proclaim, ‘peace, peace’ but there shall be no peace until individuals nurture in their souls those principles of personal purity, integrity and character which foster the development of peace. Peace cannot be imposed. It must come from lives and hearts of people. There is no other way.

Attendees learned men will be at peace when they will be aware of their true selves.  Eternal science of self-realization called Brahm Gyan that takes people from ignorance to enlightenment. It awakens people toward their responsibilities to themselves, household and society, which will bring prosperity and progress. Program ended with motivational devotional songs which encouraged people to do more social services and initiate into Brahm Gyan. If each being is well aware, soon we will be a witness of ‘Ram Rajya’.

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