A Bhajan Sandhya based on the theme “Sanskar or Sanskriti” was conducted on 2 June 2013 at Guru Teg Bhadur Community Center, Near Radio Station, Urban Estate, Phase 3, Patiala.

Bhajan Sandhya- Sanskar or Sanskriti

Sadhvi Vaishnavi Bharti Ji through her discourse explains that Man is today forced to breathe the air polluted by sounds that denote violence, hatred, cruelty, and wickedness.

Bhajan Sandhya- Sanskar or Sanskriti

Therefore, he is fast losing the high attainments that are in store for him. The vibrations resulting from singing the glory of God can cleanse the atmosphere and render it pure, calm, and ennobling.

It is with this high purpose in view that this program of global samkirtan was designed. Bhajans intermittently explained the purpose of taking birth on this Earth and how important is a human body which is not easily attained.

The Lamp Lighting was done by the chief guests accompanied by Swami Parmanand ji.

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