Music is a divine art, to be used not only for pleasure but as a path to God-realization. Popular songs are usually inspired through sentiment or passing interests. But a song born out of the depths of true devotion to God which provides boundless joy is a spiritualized song. Such songs, like live match-sticks, produce the fire of God-awareness whenever they are struck on the foundation stone of devotion. Ordinary songs are like wet match-sticks that do not produce any spark for divine realization. 

Bhajan Sandhya 'Shakti Vandan' a Call for Inner Awakening through Divine Knowledge for Masses of Jammu & Kashmir

One such devotional concert was held by Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (“DJJS”) under the aegis of the founder His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji. The event was aptly named ‘Shakti Vandan’. It was held in Jammu & Kashmir on 15th October 2017. DJJS Preachers presented a series of devotional songs which evoked the spirit of spirituality and mesmerized the audience. The whole ambience was reverberating with serenity, calmness and oneness with the Lord. Music is one of the best means to express love and devotion towards the Supreme. Music serves where words fail to express the innate feelings. Music catches all the attention and awakens you to the new horizons of divinity. Music embedded with inspirational lyrics is more effective in the pursuit of spirituality. Devotional music nourishes our higher energies.

Bhajan Sandhya 'Shakti Vandan' a Call for Inner Awakening through Divine Knowledge for Masses of Jammu & Kashmir

The learned Sadhvi Garima Bharti Ji, disciple of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, enlightened the profound essence of each bhajan. She stated that the worship of Maa Shakti emphasizes the need to know and realize the true nature of Devi which is Shakti and is present in its elemental form within all of us but lies dormant. The Shakti component is the absolute form of supreme cosmic consciousness. To strike the balance in society it is essential to awaken the Maa Shakti within us through spiritual initiation into the divine knowledge – Brahm Gyan by the Perfect Master of the time. Only the Perfect Master can open the divine Third Eye which can make you see the divine light present in us and make us feel integral part of The Infinite. 

The profound spiritual discourse encouraged the masses to realize the impact of ‘Divine Knowledge’ or ‘Brahm Gyan’ elucidated and sung through the bhajans. It invited them to experience the role of Brahm Gyan in life. The divine power, after immersing oneself deep into the ocean of Brahm Gyan, can definitely be felt and its huge positive impact lays the foundation for change in the world.

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