Seeing the alarming rise of drug abuse especially gateway drugs like smoking and alcohol even amongst the student of age between 10-12 years, gorakhpur branch office of DJJS under the banner of Bodh the Drug abuse Eradication program, organised an alarming lecture at Shri Narasingh Bhagwan senior secondary School, Rampur, Garari, Hata in Uttarpradesh.

Bodh, ‘Discouraged the first use of Drugs’ at Gorakpur, U.P

Mr. Brijesh, disciple of His Holiness, Ashutosh Maharaj ji, having acquired the experties on the subject delivered a profoundly sensitizing lecture, titled, 'doing away with the experimentation of drugs in the first hand and countless other hazardous consequences of drug abuse'. Approximately 17 teachers and 300 students attended the session.

Bodh, ‘Discouraged the first use of Drugs’ at Gorakpur, U.P

He further emphasized upon the fact, how peer pressure acts as an important element which unknowingly and undoubtedly dumps a person into the entrapment of Drug Abuse and it's addiction throughout the course of his lecture. In which case, one must be vigilant at every critical stage of one's life to be able to derive correct decision at the right time and in the right manner which in turn, sprouts out of wisdom from within. He significantly stated that one's wisdom can only get activated when one acquires the knowledge of the self, (Brahm Gyan) by the unconditional blessings of the perfect master of the time.

Finally, Shri Harikrishna Dwivedi, the honorable principal also shared his impression on the subject. He stressed upon the relevance of value creating awareness generation programs to be organised timely in all the educational institutions throughout the nation, in order for combatting this epidemic menace of excessive substance abuse in the present scenario.

Bodh- the drug abuse eradication program of DJJS, works for the elimination of drug abuse and eradication of drug demand through ‘Dhyan Therapy’ , thereby transforming the drug afflicted society into an abuse free society ; where people are mentally, emotionally and spiritually strong to safeguard themselves and the society against drug and substance abuse.

Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan is a multi-faceted socio-spiritual organization, founded and headed by His holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji to actualize the vision of ‘Global Peace, through Self- Awakening’. DJJS is working towards social reformation and welfare of the communities, through its network of branches spread across the globe. On social front, its primary focus remains on gender, health, education, environment, drug-abuse eradication, bovine conservation and empowerment of persons with disabilities and the prisoners.

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