To fulfill the aim of “World No Tobacco Day”, Divya Jyoti Jagarti  Sansthan, took a initiative, to prevent  and aware, the most potential victims of the issue of ”Abuse of Tobacco and its Products” i.e. the children in the age- group of 8 – 15.

 Taking into consideration, the age of these children, organization came up with an innovative module  of sensitization i.e.” sensitization through a poster making completion” wherein after a brief introduction on the topic “Smoking is harmfull” by Sadhavi Anuradha Bharti Ji, children were asked to paint their views on the issue. This module used the creativity of children in order to create awareness about the harmful effects of consumption made of tobacco.

 During the competition,  volunteers visited  each desk and took one to one counseling sessions of the children and gave them facts, myths and realities so that they can inculcate faculty of right decisions making.

 The high spirited children gave a very positive response towards this effort and actively participated in the competition. Some of them wrote very apt slogans in their posters while others used their art work to showcase their thought process.

 The children were happy with the event and at the end and also expressed their willingness to spread the word to their friends too.

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