On the auspicious occasion of the birthday of our selfless martyr, Bhagat Singh, Bodh, The Drug Abuse Eradication Program under the umbrella of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan organised a sensitizing program comprising of various awareness generation tools on the grave issue of drug abuse at Patel Nagar, New Delhi. The objective of this program is to motivate people in order to live highly-esteemed life away from the abuse of injurious drugs. Our martyrs sacrificed their lives to free our nation from the regime of British dictatorship. Though, we are an independent nation but still we are engulfed by the various intoxicating entrapment of drugs. Due to which, an abuser or an addict is always obscured by the vices sprouted out of lower tendencies like crime, theft, loss of character, social status, self confidence etc which in turn manifest through our conduct and behaviour ruining the personality of a person completely. In which case, with the practical realisation of this sentiment, Bodh organises such enlightening programs in order for the accomplishment of the vision of Drug Free World in all the geographical belts of the country timely.

BODH liberating the Mankind from the Shackles of DRUG ABUSE

We began the program with the ceremony of lamp lightening by the honourable chief guest, Mr Ashok , Area Head, Patel Nagar, Rashtriya Swam Sewak Samiti (RSS). Followed by which, Sadhvi Surjeeta Bharti ji, disciple of His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj ji, coordinator of the branch office at Patel Nagar delivered a profound lecture enlightening the participants and audience on the significance of the sacrifices of those patriots who happily embraced death for the sake of liberating the nation from the bondage of oppression. She further elaborated upon the haunting reality of the time with regard to how we have shackled ourselves in the cage of drug abuse and addiction even after having achieved freedom from the regime of dictatorship. For example, in the state of Punjab, 70% of the youth population is addicted to drugs and in Delhi; the average age of experimenting with drugs has decreased to 12 years. But, we can only gain absolute liberation when we free ourselves from all sorts of negative tendencies which swallow us every now and then that in turn veils the eternal nature of humanity which is hidden within all of us.

BODH liberating the Mankind from the Shackles of DRUG ABUSE

Likewise, a skit was also performed by the volunteers of the organisation which dealt with the vision of Bhagat Singh with respect to the state and constituents of absolute freedom. The play was concentrated upon his ideology concerning the efforts and contributions of every citizen of this nation who are equally responsible to maintain the requirements of the state of freedom. For instance, inclusive governance, sanitation, health & hygiene, distribution of equal opportunity etc.

At the end, all the participants and the audience took a strong pledge that they would fight this menace of drug abuse and would also de-motivate the publicity of such intoxicating substance by various means possible. Posters describing the hazardous ill effects of the consumption of drugs and the necessity of banning the legacy of its commercialization constitutionally were exhibited at the exhibition counters. The attendees too, actively took part in the signature campaign after the program. They signed on the document emphasizing upon the need to contribute in the elimination of the demand and supply of drugs.

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