Life is full of struggles, but these become worse when a person gets into a life-risking habit like drug abuse.

Bodh Resounds the message of ‘Say No to drugs’ at Sec 15, Rohini, New Delhi | BODH CAMPAIGN

Paying attention to the import which this phrase simply carries, Bodh, The Drug Abuse Eradication Program under the blessings of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan organized a sensitizing event comprising of various multifaceted sessions on the issue of drug abuse which is disharmonizing people's mindsets in the present scenario around the globe, at Rohini Sector 15, New Delhi.

Bodh Resounds the message of ‘Say No to drugs’ at Sec 15, Rohini, New Delhi | BODH CAMPAIGN

We organized this event with the intention of cracking myths and stereotypes with regards to the usefulness of substance consumption which people have falsely internalized within. The statistic reports and consequences of drug addiction have proved that reduction in the degree of struggles in one's life cannot be substituted with substance consumption because it is very difficult to combat the injurious side effects of drug abuse and addiction.

In light of the above stated vision of the event, some of the hardworking volunteers who are associated with this campaign under the mentorship of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj ji, founder and head, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan, enacted upon the directional message of skit which reflected how there has been a paradigm shift between the way substance consumption had been categorized as stigma earlier and the manner it is continuously rising as trend presently. The skit further showed how this problem of addiction is rapidly increasing due to lack of proper parenting enriched with values, discipline and effective guidance.

Similarly, Mr. Mayank, Volunteer, Bodh, DJJS delivered an enlightening speech through which he conveyed how multifarious problems and complications are oozing out of drug abuse, adversely affecting the mankind manifold.

In course of the event, the musical band of DJJS also performed some educative songs conveying how substance consumption in absence of correct direction shall further lead one into the infinite ocean of misery, distress and mental trauma.

An exhibition too was installed where people were facilitated with detailed information regarding this menace through individual counseling and interaction.

In this way, we were able to execute our efforts in eradicating this menace of drug abuse through this event as well as a part of this ongoing campaign.

Bodh- the drug abuse eradication program of DJJS, works for the elimination of drug abuse and eradication of drug demand through ‘Dhyan Therapy’ , thereby transforming the drug afflicted society into an abuse free society ; where people are mentally, emotionally and spiritually strong to safeguard themselves and the society against drug and substance abuse.

Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan is a multi-faceted socio-spiritual organization, founded and headed by His holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji to actualize the vision of ‘Global Peace, through Self- Awakening’. DJJS is working towards social reformation and welfare of the communities, through its network of branches spread across the globe. On social front, its primary focus remains on gender, health, education, environment, drug-abuse eradication, bovine conservation and empowerment of persons with disabilities and the prisoners.

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