In April this year, Bodh team led by Sadhvi Divyayoga Bharti Ji visited the site of the ongoing project ‘batcheet ‘in Chokha Village, Jodhpur. The purpose of this visit is three fold: first is to assess and evaluate the ongoing project in chokha village, second is the consultation of Batcheet’s strategic plan with key notables of the village and third is to find solutions of the challenges faced or observed by the team and others involved in past 6 months.

Bodh team visited Chokha village in Jodhpur to oversee 'Baatcheet'

Jodhpur is a city where life is lived in the midst of various rules which are originated culturally, socially and spiritually. In order to reach the maximum including every section categorized on the basis of creed, class and lineage, various tools and modes of interactions were developed and those are also analyzed timely to ensure their efficacy.  

Bodh team visited Chokha village in Jodhpur to oversee 'Baatcheet'

For the same, Bodh team as well meets multilevel authorities from hospitals, schools, colleges, youth groups, panchayat management, legal section and police department to gauge the change observed during the course of the time. During this particular visit, views and feedbacks were drawn regarding the change in mindsets and effectiveness of the work done under the project through consultations and discussions which were held extensively with the above mentioned authorities through direct and indirect interview methods.

We believe that, while slating any strategy on paper in relation to defining the mode of activities for awareness, it is very important to consider the social and cultural beliefs of the people of that area. Talking about this area of Jodhpur, chokha is a village where 90% of the working population is engaged in digging the mines, for which one needs greater physical strength and capacity to work for extended hours. Since ages they have been engaged in these activities and to combat the stress and fatigue generated, they consume opium, the easiest available intoxicant in Jodhpur. Similarly, they have also associated their use of opium with various occasions and routines like medicinal remedy for physical ailments, means of recreation and enjoyment and above all the poverty, which is the first and the foremost reason of opium use.

From the month of May, the project will enter in its third phase. During this phase, keeping in focus the dissemination of prevention education amongst students at schools and colleges, men folk who are categorized as the prime consumers of opium will as well be targeted. We will also formulate women groups, so as to train them on how to handle a drug addict partner, for they are the first victim of drug abuse.

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