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Books train your imagination to think big. This world is but a canvas to our imagination. This imagination begins during the childhood itself. Children have an imaginative mind but it needs grooming and care to prosper. There is no better means to do that than books. Books are a best friend a person can have. Manthan-SVK, an initiative by Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan which is working for the benefit of underprivileged children of the society is well aware if this fact. They try to provide the children a well rounded education by all means. For the education of the children, Manthan also distributes the books to the children. One such book distribution drive was held at the beginning of new session in Padampur, Saharsa, Bihar on 27th April 2019.

Books distribution drive held by Manthan SVK, Viiage Padampur, Bihar

Students were gifted the new set of NCERT books by the centre. The book set comprised of all the subjects such as Hindi, English, Math, Science and Social Science. The students were given all the textbooks related to the subjects in their classes. The centre teachers distributed these books to the students. Along with the centre teachers, Bihar centre coordinator, Sadhvi Shrawani Bharti Ji and the branch coordinator, Swami Yadvendranand Ji were also present to give the books to the children. Children were glad to receive such immense stack of knowledge and thanked all the present teachers and preachers.

Books distribution drive held by Manthan SVK, Viiage Padampur, Bihar

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