Commencing with the grand Kalash Yatra that preceded on March 17, the pious Ram Kathamrit held in Bhatinda, Punjab was a true guide for the common conflicted man. Hosting the event, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan, welcomed the audience of all creeds and backgrounds very humbly. Katha orator, Sadhvi Sachi Bharti Ji, disciple of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, took the audience from the present day to the Treta Yuga where Lord Rama incarnated. From 18th to 22nd March 2018, the audience re-visited, re-called, as well as re-learned the various lessons Lord Rama incarnated for.

Brahm Gyan as the Destroyer of all Impurities Proliferated by Shri Ram Katha in Punjab

Sadhvi Ji explained the importance of imbibing divine knowledge (Brahm Gyan) and meditation based on this divine knowledge. In today’s world of choices, meditation techniques and spiritual Guru are also in abundance so how can one recognize the perfect Guru who is genuine. She profoundly stated that only the perfect master has seen and has the power to show the divine light within. This is the ultimate recognition of a Guru who provides divine name to his disciple. This divine name helps one to connect with the supreme all the time. In Ram Charit Manas, Tulsidas Ji has illustrated the eternal name of God which propounds itself during the process of Brahm Gyan.

Brahm Gyan as the Destroyer of all Impurities Proliferated by Shri Ram Katha in Punjab

In one instance, Tulsi Das Ji was asked his name by a passerby and Tulsi Das expressed surprise on that. He said why we need to know names of insignificant mortals and not know the name of the supreme lord. The passerby could not understand the deep meaning in those words. Then Tulsi das Ji explained suppose a man has done some crime and he is taken to the court. However, in the court the document on which his crimes were enlisted is renamed to another man. Then who is more likely to receive the punishment- the first man or the second? Of course, whosoever name is written on the document will receive the punishment! Tulsi Das Ji further said, the same way the eternal name of God is flowing within me all the time and I want to lose my identity to that eternal name, so all the sins I might have committed in numerous cycles of birth and death, will now be attributed to God’s name and hence I will be freed from the punishment for the sins.

Sadhvi Ji explained that the vicious cycle of life after life can be unfettered only by regular practice of meditation upon Brahm Gyan. Just like any substance when thrown into fire, burns itself and turns to ashes the same way, the fire of Brahm Gyan has the ability to burn all negativities and turn them to ashes. Sadhvi Ji’s spoke with full devotion and announced to all that the Brahm Gyan which Lord Ram had imparted to His disciples like Lakshman, Bharat, Hanuman is the same which perfect masters in all ages have been bestowing on their disciples. It is the same Brahm Gyan which helped the people in Lord Ram’s territory to lead a life of harmony and joy.

Lord Ram’s nature of purity and righteousness had been portrayed beautifully in the Katha and the audience experienced an aura of bliss.

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