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Manthanites Sonu -NGO High School Champ winner and Rahil - NGO Kids Champ winners of Speaker of the year (SOTY) 2016-17 along with the other 4 winners (Public-Private schools) were taken to Fever 104 HT Media Ltd. 17th Floor, 18-20, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi, on 11th Feb,2017.  These 6 students were selected SOTY winners from among 256 participants for Speaker of the Year event held in ‘The national Science Center’ on 5th Feb, 2017, organized by Maverik Ventures Pvt. Ltd. The students met with Radio Jokey (RJ) Rahul Makin who introduced them with the workings of a radio station. The children got vast exposure on how a radio station works and what are the preliminary requisites in a studio to air a radio show. Students also got the chance to give Voice overs and become RJ for the day. As it was Promise Day on 11th Feb, children enjoyed making different promises like preventing their cultural heritage, respecting parents, getting good marks in social sciences etc. through their voice overs at the radio station.

Bridging Gaps – Manthan SOTY winners @ Radio FM 104 Fever with non-NGO category winners

It was indeed a great platform for Manthanites, who got the opportunity and exposure of the same kind, bridging all existing gaps between the education standards of a privileged child and non-privileged.  Manthan SVK, social initiative of DJJS in its vision of Sakshar Bharat- Sashakt Bharat is determined to provide equal educational opportunities to the children residing in urban slums and remote rural. With the utmost grace & guidance of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji and the selfless efforts & zeal of the teachers and volunteers working for the cause, the results are protuberant.

Bridging Gaps – Manthan SOTY winners @ Radio FM 104 Fever with non-NGO category winners

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