SAM aims at inspiring youth on the path of morality by reconnecting them to the invaluable Indian culture. Taking forward this objective, SAM organised another edition of Culture Connect Conclave (CCC) at Divya Dham Ashram, Delhi; in January this year. In this the exuberance of Indian culture was extended to the students of Mafort School, Rohini. The conclave was designed to educate youngsters about our vedic traditions through interactive and fun-filled activities.

CCC by SAM with Maxfort School Batch – II

The participating students were overwhelmed to see volunteers working tirelessly and commended the entire team for putting up such a great out of the box learning experience for them.

Dr Ratna Chakraborty, Principal, Maxfort School complimented the entire Team SAM. She said, " I never knew that the culture of India could be presented in such an unique and funfilled way. Thank you SAM for helping us interact with Mother nature and making us aware of the beneficial aspects of ancient practices. It’s been a privilege to be here.”

CCC by SAM with Maxfort School Batch – II

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