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“Children are the world’s most valuable resources and its best hope for the future.”

Children are the future creators of our nation and if we want our nation to grow and prosper, then it’s our duty to steer the future of these children in a better direction.

On the occasion of Universal Children’s Day 2020, the teachers and volunteers of Manthan SVK attended a webinar hosted by CRACR & RD titled ‘My Experience, My Voice’ on 21st November 2020, wherein various child rescue and rehabilitation activists shared their real life experiences.

The speakers of the event were: Ms. Lathika S. A. Nayak, Vice President SPID; Mr. Bhim Kumar, Project Coordinator, Don Bosco-childline; Mr. Pramod Kumar, Project Coordinator, Salaam Baalak Trust and Ms. Pushpa Lata, Nodal Officer, CRACR & PD. The speakers enlightened the listeners about their experiences relating to child rescue and how they have saved more than 2000 children till now.

A child help desk has been made by them so that the children can be counselled and anyone can contact the desk for the security of the child. Along with this, they have also raised their voices against the stigmas of our society like child labour, child trafficking and child marriage.

All together, it was an inspirational webinar for all, igniting a spark of hope and motivation among the listeners.


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