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With each passing day, DJJS Manthan-SVK is expanding its initiatives and giving children a platform to grow and flourish. Similarly, in the month of November 2022, DJJS Manthan-SVK connected more than 1749 students across the country in its online and offline workshops.

Co-Curricular Activities Carving a Niche in Young Minds | November 2022 | DJJS Manthan SVK

The workshops that were conducted in the month of November 2022 are as followed -

Sangeetshala imparted learning Sanskrit songs, shlokas and storytelling sessions.

Co-Curricular Activities Carving a Niche in Young Minds | November 2022 | DJJS Manthan SVK

नींव-Nurturing Strong Future session on Health Awareness was facilitated by Dr. M.C Mishra, Former HOD, AIIMS. In this session, children were taught that awareness is essential for prevention. It is vital for one to be empowered with health education so as to safeguard and seek the required support at the right time.

Naitik Shiksha Satra workshops were facilitated by DJJS Preachers and Manthan volunteers on the topic Balidaan Diwas – Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji. Children learnt the teachings of the Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji on how to be content with life and to face every situation with total calm and firmness without deviating from the path of propriety, and build a social order based on amity, justice, equality and harmony.

Jeevan Kaushal Karyashala workshops were facilitated by Sadhvi Aneesha Bharti Ji, an interactive cognitive interpretation on Sharing is Caring. The key takeaway from these sessions was to sow in the children the seeds of empathy so as to build required social-skills. It is imperative to realize these two most valuable gifts and create great life experiences.

Baudhik Sanskarshala sessions were organized that aimed at shaping children’s ability to think and understand ideas and information while staying spiritually rooted. Children also participated in warm up exercises, and fun activities that focussed on developing creativity and applying logical thinking. A total of 51 Baudhik Sanskarshala sessions were conducted in the various states of Bharat in November.

Bharat Gaurav Gatha Aao Karein Bharat Ki Sair illustrated a virtual tour about the majestic state of Madhya Pradesh, starting from its geographical area, reminiscent of the historic battles, cultural values inclusively like festivals, cuisine, folk music, dance forms, national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, heritage places, eminent heroes and state contributors were showcased to the students.

Speech Therapy Sessions are being provided to Manthanite Aarti from Bihar. Since birth, Aarti has Speech and Language disability and in order to fully cure her, DJJS Manthan-SVK is providing her with exclusive speech therapy sessions with Ms. Phenex Solanki, Audiologist and Speech Language Pathologist (SLP), a trained health professional. Steps have been taken through assessment, evaluation and diagnosis of condition and/or disorders by providing optimum care, treatment and therapy on time. Aarti has been showcasing tremendous transformation ever since she joined DJJS Manthan. However, the speech therapy treatment has been improving her ability to curb both physical and emotional challenges. Aarti is now confident that she can overcome her speech impairment and has slowly learnt to develop better psychosocial skills. A special documentary has also been released by DJJS Manthan-SVK covering the story of Aarti. (click to watch the full documentary here

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