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In the month of August 2023, DJJS Manthan SVK connected with more than 1346 students across the various DJJS branches in the country through both its online and offline workshops. The workshops that were conducted are as follows -

Co-curricular activities create enriching development in children | August 2023 | DJJS Manthan SVK

नींव-Nurturing Strong Future session on Scientific Study Skills was facilitated by Mrs. Shalini Kapoor, science teacher and educator for over 16 years. Having donned the hats of an artist and a content creator in the second innings of her career, Mrs. Kapoor guided the students on how to handle the great deal of stress with regard to their academic accomplishments. Students were able to explore the various study techniques which also includes time management, memorizing, focus mastery, interest building in subjects and attentive listening and many more skills.

Jeevan Kaushal Karyashala workshops were based on the topic Value of Time facilitated by Sadhvi Aneesha Bharti Ji. Students were taught the benefits of efficient time management, establishing routines, practicing on planning schedules, time utilization and prioritization. This in turn will help students to become more responsible in their behavior which eventually includes their goals.

Co-curricular activities create enriching development in children | August 2023 | DJJS Manthan SVK

Bharat Gaurav Gatha Aao Karein Bharat Ki Sair illustrated a virtual tour about the majestic state of Tamil Nadu, starting from its geographical area, reminiscent of the historic battles, cultural values inclusively like festivals, cuisine, folk music, dance forms, national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, heritage places, eminent heroes and state contributors were showcased to the students.

Bhartiya Sanskriti Ki Shreshthta, a session on Indian Currency was conducted by Manthan volunteers. Just as we inculcate other habits in students of DJJS Manthan SVK at an early age, they discovered the concept of Indian currency system as part of this workshop. Students were taught to identify the coins and notes that are used in India. Students also learnt to identify the number notes along with the picture of the monument printed in the notes. The workshop invoked the inquisitiveness in the young minds to explore the symbols of depiction for Indian currency and the details in the depictions of notes and coins. Children were able to learn the value of money management, as it is a good habit to start young.

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