Understanding the responsibilities towards the society, MongoDB employees celebrated Christmas Day with Gurgaon Manthanites. 12 employees of the company distributed sheets and colors among the students and conducted drawing competition. Three winners of different categories from ECE, 1st and 3rd grade got decathlon bags as award prize. Manthanites Veda Mantras and gave them the message of Indian culture and traditions through their enthralling performances. On the occasion of Christmas Day, the employees distributed Santa Caps, chocolates, juice and candies among the students.

Corporate MongoDB employees celebrated Christmas Day with Manthanites

The employees were very glad to be at Manthan SVK and witness the growth of deprived children at such a satisfactory level. Sourcing specialist, Mr. Vikas Kamal, said that it was pleasure visiting super bright students and it was awesome meeting with the talented kids and teachers of Manthan.

Corporate MongoDB employees celebrated Christmas Day with Manthanites

Mr. Kanwal Mathur was pleased to express his feelings about Manthan.  According to him, “It had been a great journey with Manthan School. He is very grateful to the parents and teachers for encouraging them for brighter future”. Ms. Sushmita was thankful for contributing and giving back to the society through Manthan.

The employees also gave cricket bats, badminton rackets and footballs for school sports so that students can grow mentally as well as physically. At last, they all sung national anthem to show their respect and patriotism towards our country.

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