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Cultural heritage is the soul of society. It constitutes a range of traditions, customs, and tangible and intangible knowledge. Preservation and transmission of this wealth of knowledge to our future generations is essential so that they can have a sense of identity and belonging in this very dynamic world.

Culture and Heritage Month Celebrations @ Manthan SVK | April 2021

Manthan SVK dedicated the month of April, 2021, to the great personalities of Indian culture, by learning about their life and work. Great people have always graced Indian culture in different periods of time. Learning about them gives a sense of pride and inspiration to the present generation.

Culture and Heritage Month Celebrations @ Manthan SVK | April 2021

Through various stories, presentations and activities, students were taught about the lives of Bhagwan Shri Ram, Sant Surdas ji, Guru Shankaracharya ji, Bhagwan Mahaveer, among many others. The concepts of sadhna (meditation) and samadhi which have been an integral part of Indian culture have been introduced to the students in a very lucid language. The inclusive nature of our culture where differently-abled people also get equal opportunities to live and work have also been talked about.

Students thoroughly enjoyed the sessions. They were highly motivated and inspired to learn, preserve and personify the legacy of these great people.

Manthan Sampoorn Vikas Kendra was established with the blessings and inspiration of His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji. It is envisioned to create a society where every child gets equal opportunities to learn and grow.

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