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Delhi is a place where the drug abuse is done to kill the boredom first then the joy, the hope, the body, the brain and finally it succeeds in killing the whole personality. And now the use of intoxicants in the Delhi area has reached such a level, where it has become an associate of Punjab in the field of drug use after having named as a "rape capital" of India.

Delhi, a target for Bodh, DJJS to bring prevention- awareness to non-users and respite to drug users and its addicts

The biggest problem with drug consumption is that a drug user is not fully aware of how it is not one of the things to be experimented with. They don’t know that it alters the functioning of the mind and targets the brain due to which a chemical component “dopamine” is released, triggering a feeling of immense unnatural pleasure and creates an urge to take that drug again.

Delhi, a target for Bodh, DJJS to bring prevention- awareness to non-users and respite to drug users and its addicts

As a result, various problems occur which include hallucinations, anxiety, depression, mood swings, etc.Therefore, it is very important to understand that, it is not at all fun to even experiment with these simple looking intoxicants like cigarettes, tobacco, thinner, whitener, alcohol and many more. Primarily, in the absence of the serious knowledge about it, a huge population of Delhi is finding solace in drugs which eventually bring about a permanent damage and harm on their bodies, life, families and society as a whole.

And to add salt to the injury, its easy availability is making it epidemically lethal where drugs are being sold illegally in the city and are mixing in the blood of youth of the city in an enormous amount. Therefore, residents of Delhi, especially youngsters, are becoming habitual of drug consumption. In January, Delhi and Mumbai were ranked among the world’s top 10 cities with the highest rates of weed consumption.

New Delhi was ranked 3 whereas Mumbai was placed on no. 6. Peddling of drugs near universities and colleges is a normal incident due to which a sudden trend of its consumption is seen in the capital especially in the form of marijuana. So, taking up this serious matter an initiative of DJJS, Bodh the drug abuse eradication program under the stewardship of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji is ceaselessly putting efforts to aware as well as treat people against drug abuse and its addiction.

With its 10 centres spread across Delhi NCR viz.a.viz at karkardooma, Vikaspuri, Dwaraka, Narela, Nehru Place, Rohini Se 15, Gurugram, Ghaziabad, Faridabad and Patel Nagar, various activities catering the awareness and counselling services are conducted in regular basis. A bountiful volunteer base of 250 people across Delhi helps in materializing the planned activities of the organization where along with the mentioned below activities, schools are also being captured or covered for disseminating the message of “living a drug free life” and empowering students to “say no to drugs”. Our regular activities are:

Drug Free Morning Initiative:

Under this spree, each weekend a new park is being chalked out and with innovative ideas and activities people are catered with a detailed and comprehensible insight into the issue of drug abuse.

It being a tabooed issue not discussed and discoursed well in general at homes and in society as a whole which as a result contribute greatly into the acute intensification of cases of drug abuse.

Therefore with huge responsibility and expertise Bodh’ volunteer team invents the ways and tools through which the problem related deep and complex concept can be explained with art forms like humour, crime comedy and character conversations. The visitors are also addressed with their queries regarding the subject at the end of these programs. Along, special sessions are also done with street children especially rag pickers who are initial users and execute their drug related activities in the dingy areas of these parks.

Under this So far 38 parks located in Delhi NCR have been covered with the spectacular and power packed performances by the Bodh team of DJJS within Delhi NCR on the issue of drug abuse. The drive got started in March 2016 and has been running successfully in blowing out the message of “choose life not drugs” amongst these parks’ visitors and onlookers.

Positive Engagement Workshops for Youth:

These are the awareness based positive engagement workshop in Delhi for the people aged between 15-35 years. So far 44 workshops have been conducted and the aim of these workshops is to engage their energies in positive thoughts and aspects of life while discussing the various ongoing issues that they face at colleges and workplace premises like interpersonal relationships, inferiority complexes, time management, anxieties, suicide, social media addiction, stress, health- lifestyle, peer pressure, social pressures, distractions, family pressures, low self-confidence and many more.

In these workshops, the importance and necessity of ‘balancing’ of life with regard to various kinds of occupational and personal vulnerabilities of life is logistically and lucidly highlighted and discussed. Because with the intention of becoming stress free and with the perception of having taken the right decision, often it is factually observed how a strata of youth in majority easily gets dragged towards ephemeral attractions of smoking, alcoholism or hard core drugs like heroine, LSD etc.

Therefore, at various centres in Delhi NCR these workshops are conducted to cater youth for the betterment of the society.

“Time to Act” Parents Workshops:

These exclusive workshops are conducted for parents which aimed at training and grooming of parents in a manner that they are able to become not only their child’s first but also the favourite teachers where both, the parents and the child are able to convey and connect well with each other, thereby developing a sense of fear- free communication amongst them. The session begins with a fun filled activity wherein the participants are divided into two teams and are made to compete with each other.

This activity helps the parents in realising the importance of giving their children a proper environment to grow themselves, over the need of instructing them about to how to grow. Following the activity comes an interactive lecture by the Bodh facilitators wherein they discuss with the parents issues like problems and bewilderments that majority of parents face today while nurturing their children, the ways in which parents can build a child’s trust in them and the ways in which they can support their children in dealing with problems like peer pressure.

It is also explained at length on how to tackle the varied psyche of children resulting out of multiple influential incidents around in a productive manner. Some video clips are also shown to them which crucially deal with the incidents proving how children have the tendency of aping and imitating their parents or the elderly population at large.

Thus parents are motivated to be watchful of their actions so that they can set a realistically ideal example for their children. The workshop instils in the parents a new perspective of “being a parent” and in the end, all the participated parents put their signatures where they accept their parenthood as responsibility of nurturing not just a child but also our country’s future.

Bodh Paathshala Children Workshop:

During off times, children are often seen roaming on streets, playing and sharing their innocent experiences with each other. And it has generally been conceptualized that through this they enrich themselves while growing up. But, more often than not, because of unbraced faculty of discrimination, they tend to pick some bad visuals as well like acts of abusing drugs in the lonely corners of parks, misuse of words (abuse), cases of violence and crime which may be harmful in their lives altogether.

So, turning these off times into safe and hearty times, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan under its drug abuse eradication program Bodh, organizes two hour workshops with these children. Initially, they are introduced to each other through an ice-breaking activity conducted by the facilitators of Bodh facilitator. Subsequently, a short presentation is also shared with these children in order for disseminating a very sensitive sense of clarity on some basic concepts related to drugs and their attribute of harm and intoxication. The children attend these events and get educated, sensitized about the smallest of the areas where they need to be alert in life in terms of entering anything like drugs which is lethal and damaging to the body, mind or soul.

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