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Someone has rightly said, “Life is not defined by how many years we live, but by the fact that how we live those years”. In other words, more than the quantity, it’s the quality of life that matters. The precious qualities can be attained only by establishing connection with the root-source, i.e. our soul- the consciousness.

Devotional Concert 'Bhaj Govindam' Attuned the People of Ludhiana, Punjab to the Eternal Powerhouse Within

Therefore, to connect people to the root source, a spell bound melodious Devotional Concert was organised under the theme “Bhaj Govindam” in Ludhiana, Punjab on 26thJanuary, 2019.

Devotional Concert 'Bhaj Govindam' Attuned the People of Ludhiana, Punjab to the Eternal Powerhouse Within

When heart falls in love with divine, it sings the victories, qualities of lord and feelings of renunciation and devotion. Same was expressed in Bhajans which made devotee’s heart dance. The vibrations resulting from singing the glory of God can cleanse the atmosphere and render it pure, calm, and ennobling. 

The spiritual orator of the program, Sadhvi Sumedha Bharti Ji, disciple of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji beautifully explained the power of the pious name of God in each breath, which can easily wash away negativity and sins. Just by remembering the holy name of God, playing it as an eternal rhythm within our own breaths, we can walk towards the path of salvation and be free from the shackles of slavery. We all have so much within, however, we waste the precious time mostly hankering after the comforts of the outer world. We ignore the extraordinary treasure of wisdom we have within and end up being unhappy with material possessions, which we believe would bring us permanent happiness.

The way wearing a facade of a rich man on stage doesn’t make us rich in real life, similarly the coins of success and status in our wallet also leave us as mere effigies of a comfortable, relaxed and stress free life. Today, we believe we are just common people, and we give ourselves regular goals of materialistic life. But, it is said in the Bible, “There is one God and Father of all who is over all and through all and in all.” It also says, “God made man in His own image.” Truly, our real nature is that of divinity within. And, God is within us! Just because we are not aware of this eternal truth, we employ all our time in trivial issues of the world, which will not last forever. 

The orator profoundly and proudly claimed the greatness and truthfulness of the spiritual journey, which is the sole purpose of the human life. All holy scriptures, brought down to man from divine inspiration, have confessed that the human form is most adored by God. It is deemed as the one and only medium through which God can be felt, heard, and seen. Once the inner soul’s nature is practically experienced by a human being, the spiritual journey of the human life turns meaningful. Hence, path to inner awakening is only through the benign grace of an enlightened master. It is the practical approach of spiritual experimentation involving "Direct Perception of One’s True self or True being (Soul)". Once attuned with this powerhouse and the hub of virtues, a man enjoys a smooth ascend in the direction of improving the standard of life and succeed in achieving a perfect, flawless personality.

Such an evening was served with the purpose of bringing new beginning of spiritual journey. The audience was enlightened with the words of wisdom and attained the supreme peace during the program.

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