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To dispense the nectar of divine love and the essence of spirituality to the masses under the divine ageis of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan organized a magnificent devotional concert named ‘Bhavanjali’ on 28th Aug, 2022 at Jamba 777 Resort, Dhilwan, Distt Kapurthala, Punjab. The melodious, soul awakening, divine lyrics composed with words of wisdom and devotion attuned the hearts of devotees to their very inner self. The program commenced with a pious prayer in the Lotus feet of Satguru, who is the bestower of Divine Knowledge, annihilator of ignorance, and the ocean of pure love and mercy towards humankind. Large number of devotees gathered to mark their presence in the program, found themselves immersed in the nectar of devotion, as the bhajans filled the atmosphere with beatific vibes.

Devotional Concert Bhavanjali Chimed the Inherent Chords of Divinity for Devotees of Dhilwan, Punjab

Sadhvi Vaishnavi Bharti Ji, the orator of the program, provided a deep fundamental insight into the scriptures explaining the prime goal of human birth, need of a perfect master in life and the actual path of spirituality. Depicting the extra ordinary personalities who are enshrined in history and their life stories mentioned in texts, Sadhvi Ji cited the example of Bhakt Shri Hanuman who’s revered alongside Lord Ram till date. Hanuman had enormous skills and powers yet was restless to the core seeking the true purpose of life. Filled with extreme emotions of helplessness, Hanuman evokes Lord Shiva for his audience and asked Lord purpose of his life to which Lord counter questioned him as to - Who are you? Any identification associated with this physical body as the name, family, locality, nationality, profession is not what we are. Hence Lord explained the purpose of this human birth is to perceive our True Self (Atman) and merge with Supreme Self (Paramatman/Super Consciousness). Lord further advised Hanuman to find that Perfect Master/Satguru, who can impart to him the greatest of all knowledge – Brahm Gyan. Perfect Master invokes the subtle faculty of Third eye or Divine eye and allows direct perception of Inner Self or Soul to the seeker.

When this knowledge is bestowed by a true Guru, then the entire life of an individual becomes blissful. The true meaning of Bhajan is to remain connected with eternal name of God which is revealed through same Brahm Gyan through Sumiran. Upon finding such Guru, the disciple finds the true meaning of devotion or spirituality. Disciple then finds surrender into the Lotus feet of Guru as the way to inner equilibrium and wings to forbidding heights of consciousness. Guru is ocean of pure love; from which everyone satiates their thirst to their hearts content. Satguru manifests in human form only to shower his grace and mercy on every being.

Devotional Concert Bhavanjali Chimed the Inherent Chords of Divinity for Devotees of Dhilwan, Punjab

Sadhvi Ji pronounced, Today Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, has not just mastered this rare science of Brahm Gyan but has also revealed it to myriad souls. Having listened to the beautiful renditions in form of bhajans and discourse, the devotees realized the importance of spiritual pursuit in life and what to seek from the Lord and Satguru. Attendees were deeply mesmerized and appreciated the efforts of organization. The ambience was reverberating with vibes of peace and divinity.

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