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The role of a teacher is always of great significance in one’s life and it should be acknowledged in all sincerity and humility. The point to ponder here is if for basic learning of life, we need a teacher then to attain salvation and to know oneself, won’t we need a competent teacher or perfect master? Only a perfect master knows all and has the capability to make others aware. To make the masses aware of the same, DJJS organized an amazing event of Devotional Concert on 8th July 2018 in Nabha, Punjab. The theme of the concert - ‘Divya Guru’ (Divine Master) added value to it by bringing life-changing lessons in front of the audience.

Devotional Concert Signifying Role of Master in Nabha, Punjab

Event made people realize the need and worthiness of having a great divine master in one’s life. Sadhvi Rupeshwari Bharti Ji took the event to next level by being an orator of the event. In the world surrounding us, learning happens through every action we take. Incidents, circumstances, challenges grow us and help us in enhancing our strengths and to overcome the weaknesses. The entire process of learning becomes much easier and faster once we have a great master with us to guide and mentor. Suddenly, life becomes beautiful when the master switches on his guiding light and enlightens us.

Devotional Concert Signifying Role of Master in Nabha, Punjab

In the royal and rich history of India, we have seen many Spiritual masters as well, who were always there with their devotees and changed their lives. Only the gardener knows how to nurture the plants, only laundry person knows how to wash even the small spot of cloth, only pot maker knows how to shape a utensil, likewise only a Spiritual Master knows the path of Salvation, who not only shows the path but also take us to the destination. 

The concert witnessed remarkable presence of thousands of devotees who took out their precious time and learnt how precious each moment of life is. A series of devotional bhajans and songs touched the holy heart of disciples and emptied their mind to learn from the master. Sadhvi Rupeshwari Bharti Ji shared her invaluable experience of her spiritual journey and how a Spiritual Master came and took charge of her life. The event successfully filled the hearts of audience with the sheer devotion for revered Gurudev.

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