Devotional Concert toApprise the Masses of Patiala, Punjab about the Significance of 'Divya Guru'

At every step of our life, we come across one or the other mentor. At each step, we encounter someone who directs us and, thus, can be honoured as our teacher. The foundation of our life is vitally affected by the rules of conduct taught by our parents. Throughout the journey of our life, we get influenced and motivated by one or the other instructor. But for experiencing the supreme science of God, it is necessary to seek the refuge and guidance of a Spiritual Teacher. To follow the one who is enlightened is the only way out of the great confusion that exists in the world. One can never find true happiness and freedom until one meets Guru and is blessed with his benign grace.

Devotional Concert toApprise the Masses of Patiala, Punjab about the Significance of 'Divya Guru'

 Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (“DJJS”) organized an event of Devotional Concert at Patiala, Punjab on 18th November, 2017. Large number of devotees gathered to attend this peaceful and spiritual concert. The theme of the program was “Divya Guru”. Various dignitaries also marked their presence in the program. The devotional Bhajans sung by the disciples of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji proved to be a spiritual delight for the inquisitive souls. The congregation was spurred by the profound meaning that each of the inspirational Bhajans evoked.  And, as the evening progressed the audience could be seen fully captivated in the ambiance of the glorious music. The harmonious vibrations of Bhajans were filled with the intense yearning for God.

DJJS’s eloquent orator, Sadhvi Tripada Bharti Ji, disciple of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, enlightened the devotees about greatness of True Spiritual Mentor. A Spiritual Guru is the one, who Himself is attuned to Almighty and has the apt capacity and capability to practically show and make one realize the True Self (Atman) within oneself. Such a one is uniquely qualified to lead the seeker on the inward journey towards perfection. The Guru is the awakened Soul, wakening the dormant divinity in the disciple. He alone who is God-realized, and who has been commanded by God to redeem souls, is a Guru. Thus, it is aptly said that ‘Without the Guru no one obtains spiritual knowledge or achieves salvation. Without the Guru no one can see Truth or have one’s doubts removed. The Hindu scriptures say that those who tune in with the wisdom of a true Guru make it possible for the Guru to help them. It is only after the initiation by the Guru that the intense spiritual life of an individual begins. The real way to freedom lies in sadhna, in scientific self-analysis, and in following the one who has traversed the wise path of spirituality and owns the capacity of practical visualization of God.

God is invisible, but He becomes visible through the intelligence and spiritual perception of the one who is in constant communion with Him. A Guru is a living picture of scriptural truth and an agent of rescue appointed by God in response to a devotee’s continuous requests for release from bondage. Spiritual mentor helps to develop a solid pattern of spiritual discipline in disciples’ lives which helps deepen their personal relationship with God. He enlightens the soul of his disciple with Divine Knowledge and supports him continuously to walk on the divine path of bhakti. The relationship between a disciple and the Spiritual Mentor is purest of all and free from the worldly desires & selfish motives. The path of bhakti can be successfully completed, only if we move forward as per the directions of our Guru.

The orator further specified that “this epoch is fortunate to have revered Perfect Spiritual Master Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, who is one such Spiritual Guru, who is benign & imparts Brahm Gyan to the genuine spiritual aspirants. By His grace, lakhs of inquisitives have directly experienced the supreme within, thus commencing the journey into the inner realms of their Self. His potent directions reconcile worldly and the spiritual life of an aspirant, who then enjoys each moment of his blessed life.

The program thus concluded splendidly with the message of “Brahm Gyan-the science of human transformation from within”.

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