Director, Dairy Development Board, Chandigarh, Punjab,  S.Inderjit Singh visited Kamdhenu Gaushala (Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan) Indigenous Conservatory (Gaushala), Nurmahal on 31 Aug 2014.

Director, Dairy Development Board, Chandigarh, visited Kamdhenu Gaushala

They were accompanied by other dignitaries namely Dairy development officers of Jalanadhar, Kapurthala and Nawashahar. They acknowledged that they were looking forward to this visit for some time. He said he was overjoyed to see the great ancient breeds of Indian Sahiwal, Gir, Tharparkar Cattles in their original forms and he felt greatly privileged for the opportunity. He said he like the method the shelter was managed. He applauded the feed managements system and the proper cleanliness and hygiene maintained in the premises. He felt the care takers at the conservatory had special affinity towards the cattle they were caring. He felt that Punjab government could further increased their knowledge from the experience of Kamdhenu Gaushala. He said they should learn caring and propagation of sahiwal breed which is a great indigenous breed of Punjab region. He further said that Punjab Government Should take steps toward propagation of this breed to a higher level.

Director, Dairy Development Board, Chandigarh, visited Kamdhenu Gaushala

We have gained much knowledge in this visit and would continue to require so in future. I would further request and encourage all farmers, dairy farmers and cattle grazers and care takers connected to dairy industry to come and visit this gaushala and gain new ideas here. He said let us begin to focus on the great heritage we have been handed down in the farm of our dynamic indigenous breed. For this we need to come out of the glamour associated with foreign breed cattle. Let's breed our indigenous cattle breeds. He urged religious organizations managed cattle shelters management privately managed gaushala owners, cattle owner, grazers, care takers, Gujar community  (who raise indigenous species of cows) to come to discuss together on one platform to eradicate problems and share their efforts and experiences in this regard.

When the protein content and fat content of the milk of a full life cycle of a Indian cow is analyzed then it has been nowhere less than the foreign cattle (HF & Jersey) breed.

I was observing that even in such a hot climate the indigenous cows are quiet comfortably sitting outside in the sun. whereas the foreign cattle breed face many problems in this hot climate.

We would try to officially encourage farmers to adopt Sahiwal breed breeding and institute help for building shelter and other intensives in this regard.

We would further send and encourage farmers in Punjab to visit Kamdhenu Gaushala and arrange our meeting monthly or quarterly at this conservatory.

On behalf of Dairy Development Board we would soon make a documentary based on this gaushala so that all the farmers of Punjab see and awareness of Sahiwal breed spread among all. I am very grateful to the DJJS sansthan and Swami ji for presenting the opportunity to be experiencing my heritage in the form of these indigenous cow breeds.

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