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Bhagwat Geeta, the pious scripture of India, is one of the most relevant and well discussed scripture across the world. Each time one is entangled, Bhagwat Geeta shows the way. This scripture is a divine gift of Lord Krishna to humanity which is written as a divine conversation between Arjuna - the archer, the warrior and beloved Lord Krishna. This pious scripture is one of the most beautiful, life changing gifts of God to the mankind on this Earth.

Divinity of Bhagwat Geeta Sanctified Hearts at the International Geeta Mahotsav 2018, Haryana

In order to promote and make people realize the richness of our spiritual heritage, the state government of Haryana held the International Geeta Mahotsav (IGM) in Sirsa, Haryana from

Divinity of Bhagwat Geeta Sanctified Hearts at the International Geeta Mahotsav 2018, Haryana

December 16-18, 2018. Many people and devotees gathered to explore divinity of our History.

The IGM hosted many competitions such as Rangoli, Geeta Chanting etc. The IGM also held a section where various spiritual, cultural and social NGOs were given space for communicating their supreme purpose to the visitors.

Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS) with the grace of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji received a considerable attention whether it is decoration of stall, social projects it is involved into, selfless volunteers or vibrant exhibition portraying the transformation into the lives of many. Many life enriching lessons duly explained with the help of shlokas mesmerized people with their deep meanings and were helpful in giving their life a complete new direction.

DJJS representatives with their divine oratory skills successfully engraved the supreme god’s messages to each person’s heart who witnessed the grandeur of the event. The truth of Divine Knowledge was explained to the audience by making them understand the supreme value of this human garb and time which they have in their life.

The vision and mission of DJJS was percolated to many hearts. The path of Self-Awakening to World Peace was well laid out by the preachers and volunteers that the common man could also understand it. Visitors expressed their heartfelt gratitude to DJJS for transforming the thinking and make them take that first step towards divinity. Organizers also felt indebted to DJJS for providing them a platform in turn where they could understand the stupendous work done by DJJS socially as well as spiritually.

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