Bachendri Pal helps DJJS volunteers in Climbing Mountains & Reaching cut-off Villages, Sashastra Seem Bal helps in crossing rivers on ropes, 5 Base Camps in 3 Effected Districts, More than 80 villages provided with initial relief. More than 300 volunteers working in the State.

Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sanshtan Runs Extensive Relief Operation in Himalayan Tsunami - Press note

DJJS plans for long –term rehabilitation & resettlement of effected local residents.

Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sanshtan Runs Extensive Relief Operation in Himalayan Tsunami - Press note

The disaster stuck the Kedarnath and other areas of Uttrakhand on early morning of 16th June, 2013 and from 17thJune, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan’s Disaster Relief Program started its Relief Operations with base camps and outreach relief teams in 4 districts; Srinagar, Uttarkashi, Barkot and Pithoragarh in the State.

Starting with providing food, shelter, daily supplies of tooth paste, tooth brush, buckets & mugs, soaps, and other amenities like blankets, woolens, tarpaulins, rain-coats, torches the camp is providing relief to 181 families of Srinagar and 7 villages which could be reached from the base camp. DJJS sent its volunteers to penetrate into the areas which are not been accessed by any relief. The base camp at Srinagar is serving fresh cooked food, medicine, water and other daily supplies to around 2500 victims every day.

DJJS sent a rescue and relief team immediately to Paithani near Pauri on 25th June after cloud burst in the area. The relief work started by evening reaching out to all the residents of Paithani by mid night.

DJJS further established 3 base camps in Uttarkashi District on Gangotri Road, Maneri village and Kharadi village and 1 base camp in Pithoragarh reaching out with relief team, relief material and rapid survey teams to the remote areas in these districts. More than 20 villages in each district are covered by relief operation through these base camps making it a total of 80+ villages covered DJJS’ Relief Operation.

Bachendri Pal, the first Indian Women to Climb Mount Everest, helped the volunteers by accompanying them and guiding them in safely climbing mountains in Uttarkashi while the Sashastra Seema Bal personals helped in Rudraprayag District to cross the rivers through ropes with relief material to reach the areas that are inaccessible by roads and waiting for the relief.

More than 300 youth volunteers including women are working through these base camps and reaching out to houses which are affected in the area.

The entire camp and reach out campaigns are being overseen by a senior team from Delhi and Dehradun along with local residents. Base camps are being supplemented through DJJS regional branches in Pauri, Pithoragarh & Dehradun while a complete network of DJJS branches in India and abroad is mobilizing resources for the operation.

Another team was set out for a rapid survey in Rudraprayag district for assessment of further relief work to the affected areas. The team identified 16 villages; Bhiri, Damar, Kandara, Chandrapuri, Banswara, Ukhimath, Kund, Guptkashi, Phata, Narayankoti, Agastmuni, Vijay Nagar, Chilli, Tilwara, Gabni,  and Rambada which need immediate relief and interventions for long term rehabilitation & resettlement. The need based relief plan of DJJS includes; Food & Water, Medical Relief, Shelter, Daily Supplies and other amenities.

DJJS is planning to take up long-term relief work aiming at orphaned children, women, elderly, displaces and disabled.

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