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Aarogya, the holistic healthcare initiative of DJJS, is committed to make the nation healthier and considers penetration of the healthcare services to the last mile as the most important step towards an inclusive health. 

DJJS Aarogya organized Health Camps at Amravati, Gorakhpur and Jodhpur in Jan 23

Therefore, DJJS Aarogya has been on a mission to minimize disparities in healthcare service access in India through its regular medical camps, OPD services, etc.

These camps offer free or low-cost medical services to people who do not have regular access to healthcare.  These health camps may focus on a specific health concern or offer general health check-ups and consultations. Eye health, dental health, women's health, child health, and chronic disorders such as diabetes and hypertension are all common topics covered in these health camps.

DJJS Aarogya organized Health Camps at Amravati, Gorakhpur and Jodhpur in Jan 23

Expert healthcare experts, such as doctors, nurses, and medical assistants, lead these health camps and provide medical consultations, prescribe drugs, and perform basic medical procedures such as blood pressure checks, blood tests, and eye exams. Comprehensive inspections and testing performed in these medical camps aid in determining the underlying sickness and curing it sooner, saving lives before it's too late.

These health camps are also specifically meant to raise awareness among the nation's underprivileged population, who are denied basic medical treatments and lack knowledge about the many problems they face. Thus, in addition to the medical services, health camps also offer health education sessions on topics such as nutrition, hygiene, and disease prevention.

Following is a sneak peek at our January work: 

  1. Date: 30 Jan 2023 | Place: Near Takhatmal Hospital, Rajapeth Amravati  |  Beneficiaries: 120 | Doctor’s Details :  Dr. Mamta Dadlani (B.D.M.S.) 
  2. Date : 27Jan 2023 | Place: AP- Vijay Gopal Tq - Devali Dist - Wardha, Amravati (Maharashtra) |  Beneficiaries: 190 | Doctor’s Details:  Dr. Prakash Nanoti (B.H.M.S.)
  3. Date:  15 Jan 2023 | Place: HIG-C 318 Siddharth Enclave Taramandal, Gorakhpur- U.P. |  Beneficiaries: 45 | Doctor’s Details:  Dr. Shashi Kant (M.D)
  4. Date: 8 Jan 2023 | Place: Jodhpur Dr. Hadgewar Park 4th Pulia Suthla Jodhpur |  Beneficiaries: 49 | Doctor’s Details :  Dr. Dharampal (Ayurvedacharya) and Dr. Narendra Singh (MBBS)  The camp received a warm response from the attendees.

Drop us a DM if you want to organize camps in your respective areas.

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