In the current chase for techno- oriented highly scientific solutions to solve current day environmental problems, people often tend to ignore the simplest solutions which can be an effective kick-start to resolve these challenges. To reiterate the importance of simplest solutions to masses and bring them into practice, DJJS Bengaluru centre undertook a cleanliness drive at T. Dasarhalli areas and a sapling distribution event with Intel Employees under the Sanrakshan Rebuild Campaign on the occasion of World Environment Day 2016.

DJJS Bengaluru takes the simplest routes to Rebuild Human- Nature Relationship on World Environment Day 2016

Emphasizing the effective role people can play in order to keep their surroundings clean, a special cleanliness drive to clean an adjacent vacant plot which had been turned into a garbage dumping ground was undertaken on Sunday, June 5th, 2016. DJJS Nature conservators from all over the city gathered at the Ashram premises in Dasarhalli on Sunday morning and geared up for the cleanliness drive.  Shri K Narsimha Nayak, Corporator, Ward no. 14, initiated the cleanliness drive and motivated locals to join the same. All geared up  with brooms and shovels, DJJS Nature conservators along with motivated locals cleaned the plot in a couple of hours. Cleaning was followed by painting of the walls and plantation of flowering plants on the periphery of the plot. Dedication and commitment of the DJJS Nature conservators was a source of inspiration for many who were witness the drive from their balconies, , peeping from their windows and standing on the road.

DJJS Bengaluru takes the simplest routes to Rebuild Human- Nature Relationship on World Environment Day 2016

The cleanliness drive was followed by an rebuild workshop for children in which they learnt to reuse waste products and make effective utility items. They developed paper bags out of waste newspaper followed by a paper bag distribution ceremony in close neighbourhood to remind people of choosing green alternatives in their daily living.

After these engagement activities sensitizing discourses by  Sadhvi Manju Bharti Ji and Sadhvi Nishanka Bharti Ji, disciples of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji were organised at the Ashram.  They reminded the audience of the profound connection humans have with nature, stating “all that we have comes from nature. Thus, to save our lives, we need to save the planet and to save the planet we need to rebuild our connection with environment, by caring and working towards conservation of natural resources in our daily living.” Sadhvi Nishanka Bharti stated that, “Awakening to the interconnectedness of human and nature through Brahm gyan automatically steers an individual on the path of conservation in each and every aspect of life”. She said, “DJJS Nature conservators are a living example of this change through awakening, who make sure and find ways of nature protection in their homes, offices, parks and communities”.  The program ended with people marking their commitment to save environment by making leaves on the dried tree drawing placed outside the premises.

In addition, awakened towards their environmental responsibility DJJS Nature Conservators working in Intel Pvt. Ltd. organised a sapling distribution event on 3 June, 2016 at Intel Marathalli and Whitefeild branches. Saplings of medicinal plants like tulsi, Lemongrass, Heena, Aloevera  etc. were distributed to the employees along with awareness generation on the importance of tree plantation which today has been proved to be the simplest and most effective solution to combat climate change.

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