DJJS commemorated World Environment Day at its various branches across India. Though, June 5 is observed as Environment Day worldwide, DJJS undertook fifteen day World Environment Day celebration dedicated to nature across the country. A special Campaign named Rebuild was launched on the occasion aimed at rebuilding human- nature relationship for sustainable environmental conservation. First in the series of programs,  DJJS Bengaluru, observed the day on June 4 at five branches of Intel Technologies India Pvt. Ltd., aiming to sensitize and  mobilize the corporates into taking action against climate change.

Reiterating Tree plantation as the single most potent step towards stabilizing climate change, an eye- opening sensitization session on value of trees, DJJS Bengaluru undertook sapling distribution.

Over 3100 saplings  including  different species namely Tulsi, Pudina, Madhubani, Amla, Amruthpalli and Giloi, each with medicinal benefits were distributed. Over 3000 employees benefited from the program, enthused by the initiative several came forward to extend their voluntary services for the cause. The efforts of Sansthan were highly appreciated by Intel employees, and they promised to plant and maintain the distributed saplings at their homes.

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