Sanrakshan, The Nature Conservation Program of DJJS, undertook a PAN- India “Save the Mother Earth” initiative on the occasion of Earth day, marked annually on 22 April across the globe to emphasize and motivate action towards protection of our planet earth.

DJJS Celebrated Earth Day 2014

The initiative furthered Sanrakshan’s motto of rebuilding human- nature relationship and focused on reconnecting men, women and children with mother earth. A range of events, each with its unique innovation were organised in various parts of country.  Here is an insight into these.

DJJS Celebrated Earth Day 2014

Jalandhar, Punjab

Under “Save the Mother Earth” initiative, Jalandhar branch of DJJS undertook a tree plantation drive in the village town of Bidhipur. Tree plantation is single most efficient solution to deal with the mounting environmental crisis. A single tree planted supports an entire life system. It fixes carbon dioxide and helps deal with the Climate change threat; in addition it is the only source of life sustaining oxygen. Trees are home to several birds, animals and insect species and are major regulators of local environment indicators like climate conditions and water resource availability. Thus DJJS is persistently sensitizing masses on importance of tree plantation and motivating the civil society to take a lead in caring for the earth by re- foresting the denuded covers of earth.

In the same process on the occasion of Earth Day 2014, around 1000 plants were sown at Bidhipur. To ensure the sustenance of the effort and maintenance of the plantation, Jalandhar branch DJJS motivated of some eminent local entrepreneurs, Dr. Abhishek, Mr. Naveen Walia, Mr. Surinder Kumar, Mr. Resham Kumar, & Mr. Palwinder to support the initiative . With the support of these environmentally sensitive locals, Swami Sadanand & Swami Sajjananand, devoted preachers and young volunteers of His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji successfully planted the saplings in the area and motivated the local population to act pro-actively towards saving mother earth.

Stay tuned for @ DJJS for more events from various parts of the country on EARTH DAY 2014.

…to be continued

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