After the grand launch of its state- of- art My Earth My Responsibility campaign in Chandigarh on 11 Dec 2015, DJJS Sanrakshan undertook a two day Volunteer Capacity Building Workshop on 8-9 Jan 2015 to train the brains which would lead the campaign towards its determined goal. Ascetic disciple of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, an environmentalist and DJJS Sanrakshan Program Incharge Sadhvi Aditi Bharti extended technical training on the subject of environment to a batch of 80 volunteers.

DJJS Chandigarh Nature Conservators all set to lead 'My Earth My Responsibility Chandigarh Chapter'

Mr Amrit Sagar, Minister, Sahkaar Bharti Sangathan, North Region and Mr. Vineet Joshi, Asst. Media Advisor, Punjab Govt. were special guests who joined the training session to stamp their support for the campaign.

DJJS Chandigarh Nature Conservators all set to lead 'My Earth My Responsibility Chandigarh Chapter'

Through innovative presentations, videos and activities, the two day session extensively covered subjects like understanding the state of environment, sustainable development, environment compromised development, ecological footprint, environment ethics. The workshop also included special sessions on team building and volunteer ethics by devoted disciples by of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, Sadhvi Manasvani Bharti and Swami Gurukirpanand respectively.

 “A volunteer is characterized by Knowledge, Innovation, Selflessness and Unity. Initiated into the Eternal Science of Self Realization by the grace of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji these awakened volunteers personify selflessness and unity and these technical trainings will equip them with knowledge making them an ideal workforce to lead this movement of environment change”, informed Swami Gurukirpanand, disciple His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, Coordinator DJJS Chandigarh Branch. 

The participants came as doctors, engineers, college goers, school students, home makers, professors, businessmen, senior citizens etc. but at the culmination of the  workshop they went back as MEMR Nature Conservators beholding hearts full of compassion for mother earth, brains laden with technical know-how and hands equipped to steer city beautiful into city most beautiful.

These trained volunteers would serve as master trainers who will play a fundamental role in sensitizing the society on the environmental issue and motivate them to shoulder their environmental responsibility during the course of the campaign.

 At the end of the two day session, Mr. Amrit Sagar addressed the volunteers and commended them for coming forward for the cause of environment. He also extended his gratitude to DJJS for taking lead on this much needed issue and committed his support in all ways for the campaign.               

My Earth My Responsibility Chandigarh Chapter is unique in itself as it aims to steer Chandigarh towards being a living model of environmentally responsible society in India. Taking a two pronged approach of awareness generation and pro- environmental action the campaign would work with diverse stakeholders of the society to infuse sustainability in each and every sector.

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