A three days summer camp was conducted in the Ashram premises of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS) situated at Muradpur Road, Tarn-Taran from 1st to 3rd June 2016 to make them conversant with the tactics of managing different facets of life.

DJJS conducts summer camps in Tarn-Taran, Punjab under the banner of Manthan-SVK

The camp registered around 130 children comprising not only group of underprivileged children but children from privileged families too. About 40 parents also visited the camp along with their children all three days. DJJS Preacher Sadhvi Paramjit Bharti, Sadhvi Naina Bharti, Sadhvi Jamuna Bharti and Sadhvi Kuldevi Bharti facilitated the camp activities.

DJJS conducts summer camps in Tarn-Taran, Punjab under the banner of Manthan-SVK

Sadhvi Jamuna Bharti Ji initiated the camp with an introduction giving a brief about the organization DJJS, headed by Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji and its’ other social activities including Manthan-SVK, (The holistic Education Program for underprivileged) to all participant.

First day was based on Yoga-Pranayam and Dhyaan session so as to start with developing healthy body and mind. Sadhvi Jamuna Bharti Ji gave inspirational note saying; children should always respect and obey elders. Later they were motivated to be a responsible citizen as well.

The camp introduced an interesting yet learning experience through various activities and games; lemon & spoon race – Eating apple but yet hands free - Pass the cotton balls - Banana in single hand – Famous personalities - brain-games etc., where in all children participated with full zeal and enthusiasm and had ultimate fun and joy.

In addition, it was told to children that for developing sound behavioral and mental peace a child must develop daily-life good habits such as; getting up early in the morning, appropriate sleeping habits, greeting elders, thanking God, loving & caring nature and mother earth, Surya-Namaskaar etc.

Most importantly,the facilitators mentioned about the significance and duties of a child in this phase of ‘Vidhyarthi Jeevan’ and told never be fearful of studies but a child is expected to contribute to their own learning success by actively participating in learning opportunities.

The camp was thoroughly enjoyed by the children who nurtured themselves completely. Their ability to discover latent potential and come up with creative ideas was appreciated by one and all.

The event was captured by few print media; Dainik Sawera Times and Dainik Bhaskar, Punjab.

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