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Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS) organised a magnificent devotional concert in Bhatinda, Punjab on 18th December 2021. The theme of the event was – “Sampoorna Kranti (Vyakti se Vishwa tak Parivartan ki Leher)” referring to the Complete Revolution, which begins from a single human and reaches out to entire world. This is verily the vision of the organisation i.e., “From Self-Awakening to Global Peace.”

DJJS Devotional Concert: Sampoorna Kranti Inspires for Inner- Revolution in Bhatinda, Punjab

The event brought a series of inspirations in the form of devotional songs, touching the hearts of the audience and making them think over their life. Sadhvi Garima Bharti Ji, a disciple of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji (Founder and Head of DJJS), commenced the event of Devotional Concert. She said that it’s imperative to bring the inner revolution and positivity within a human being in order to achieve the mission of World Peace. Only when a human is at peace, his family, society, nation and ultimately the entire world can attain peace. After all, a human being is the basic building block, on which the edifice of the entire world stands; hence for the world to change, the transformation has to begin from him.

DJJS Devotional Concert: Sampoorna Kranti Inspires for Inner- Revolution in Bhatinda, Punjab

DJJS' Representative, Swami Umeshanand Ji, while addressing the audience, said: The wave of change can reach to the world only when each person will be bestowed with Divine Knowledge (the eternal technique to know thyself). He emphasized that only a True Spiritual Master can bless us with the Divine Knowledge. It’s a dire need for the mankind to tread the path of spirituality as that’s the ultimate source of positivity, which also brings the strength and skill to see every aspect of life under the light of positivity. There are situations in life when we find ourselves surrounded with loads of criticism, manipulation, negative thoughts, random ideas, which always distract us from our goals. Only the awakening of the Self can make us a solid human with strong determination and unwavering focus, with faith in ourselves.

Sadhvi Ji concluded the event with a clarion call to march ahead for inner revolution through the awakening of the Self. The guests of the program were: Smt. Veenu Badal (Wife of Punjab Minister Manpreet Badal), Sh. Raman Goyal (Mayor District- Bhatinda), S Harminder Singh (Deputy Mayor, District Bhatinda), Sh. Saroop Chand Singla (Ex- MLA, Bhatinda), Smt. Shaeena Goyal (Judge, Delhi Session Court), Sh. Kunal Gupta (Advocate, Delhi Session Court). They all applauded the event and appreciated the deep message that was given through the program.

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