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Life is certainly not an easy game to play; one has to be smart to stay calm while going through it. Today we see people juggling in order to achieve success, people are competing with each other, everybody wants to be first in the race and above all this, they are still not happy with their own achievements. As the desire to achieve more and more never stops, the person gets entangled all their life. How much so ever the planning and time management is done, there is always a pending to-do list at the end of the day. At times, twenty four hours in a day seems less and the day seems futile as if nothing substantial is achieved. All the management skills learnt in the word do not help a human to become a master of their own life.

DJJS Enlightened Audience on Life Management Skills in Jalandhar, Punjab

The answer to all the agony lies in truly knowing the real need of life and learns skills to prioritize those needs. In order to truly grow in life, one has to learn the Life Management Skills instead of just pulling more tasks on to the plate. On 3rd May 2019, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan’s (DJJS) representative Sadhvi Om Prabha Bharti Ji enlightened the audience on Life Management Skills at The New Image Academy in Jalandhar, Punjab.

DJJS Enlightened Audience on Life Management Skills in Jalandhar, Punjab

The moment Sadhvi Ji came on stage, captured the attention of audience and people were mesmerized by her skills of engaging the audience. Sadhvi Ji posed very pertinent questions in front of the audience whose answer any true seeker would look for. She made people aware of the true goal of life i.e. seeking divine knowledge in order to realize themselves. Audience appreciated the significance of finding the True Purpose of life first and then set a goal or objective which brings Joy, Peace and freedom. Mostly people lose sight of destination, hence, loses the direction. Until we are clear of the ultimate goal, we cannot work and plan towards its achievement.

Sadhvi Ji made people aware about the life’s ultimate goal for which we all are blessed with human garb. Also, she shared the list of effective Life Management tips which not only helps in managing the life’s tasks but also make us healthier, happy and stress free. Audience was overwhelmed by finally knowing the nuances of Life Management and was ready to tackle any challenges in the path of life. They all presented their heartfelt gratitude to the divine endeavour by volunteers and representative of DJJS. 

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