Earth hour is an event flagged off by WWF in the year 2007 to raise environmental awareness among people globally. It started with 2.2 million people of Sydney, Australia switching off the non-essential lights to mark their support for Mother Earth. Since then, the number has only grown. This year also 178 countries across the globe marked Earth Hour by turning out lights and spreading climate change awareness.

DJJS goes 60+ on EARTH HOUR 2016: 7days of climate awareness, 60 minutes of spiritual re- energizing the Earth

DJJS Nature Conservation Program Sanrakshan, this year went 60+ on Earth Hour i.e. it was not just turning out lights for an hour but 7 days of rigorous climate change awareness to motivate public and private institutions to join the movement and mark their support. Acknowledging the fact revealed by  recent survey done by Yale Center for Climate Communication that, “50% of Indians are unaware of what climate change is”, DJJS Nature Conservators across the country ensured authentic information dissemination and awareness generation on the subject. Nukad Natak, awareness walks, environment booths we did it all to raise social consciousness on the issue of climate change and mobilize masses to mark Earth Hour. Right from public institutions to private companies, residential colonies, communities, DJJS Nature Conservators handed over memorandums appealing the civil society and government institutions to join Earth Hour and Change climate change.

DJJS goes 60+ on EARTH HOUR 2016: 7days of climate awareness, 60 minutes of spiritual re- energizing the Earth

 In addition, when the watch struck 8:00 pm on 19 March, lakhs of DJJS associates across its 350 centres assembled together for special sensitization and meditation congregations. 60+ began with an enlightening lecture where people were first explained about the urgency of the issue, which was then followed by an hour-long meditation session. Mother Earth has been bearing the brunt of devastating human actions for so many decades, in the form of increasing carbon emissions, melting glaciers, rising disasters etc. She now needs a shower of love and respect to cure its wounds. An innate bond interconnects each one of us with nature and this special "Meditation for Earth" is a symbol of acknowledging this bond as well as sending out divine vibes of compassion to rejuvenate it to its core.  

Under the stewardship of H.H. Shri Ashutosh Maharaj ji, DJJS has been creating environmental awareness among the masses for almost 10 years now through its Nature Conservation Program "Sanrakshan", by organizing awareness programs, rallies, tree plantation drives, cleanliness drives, awareness booths etc. across India.

NOTE. What is 60+?

60+ means environment action beyond the 60 minutes of turning out lights. It reiterates commitment to fight climate change even beyond the earth hour.


Earth Hour 2016 across DJJS Centres

60+ activities:

  • Organised Candle March, Rakh Bagh Ludhiana, Special Guests: Mr. Rajnish Dhiman, Sect. BJP, Bipin Sood Kaka, Sanjeev Sood Banka, Industrialists
  • Organised Candle March in Giaspura. An NGO named S4 Sarv Sewa Sashaktikaran Sangathan took initiative and invited DJJS to organise a walk to sensitize locals.
  • Memorandum handed over to Shri Ravi Bhagat, IAS, DC at DC office. The DC gave instant orders for action on the initiative and appreciated DJJS Sanrakshan for taking this much needed sensitization drive.
  • Mr. Dinesh Sarpal, President Hosiery Manufacturing Association, Ludhiana
  • Mr. Brij Mohan Rallhen, Vice President, Kamla Lothia College, Ludhiana
  • Mr. Kewal Krishn Merwaha, Rama Charitable Trust, Shri Ram Seva Samiti, Daresi Ground
  • Mr. Kuldeep Oswal, President Hosiery Manufacturing Association, Chawla Bazar, Ludhiana
  • Mr. Bhupinder Singh Sharma, DGM Agra Cooperative Bank instantly put it into action across all its centre
  • Mr. Ravinder Arora, Chariman Swabhiman Trust & Industry Cell Punjab.
  • Mr. Ghansham Thori  IAS, Commissioner, Municipal Corporation Ludhiana

Organization created awareness about climate change among masses through a spiritual discourse, which was followed by an hour-long group meditation session to rejuvenate the Mother Earth. Thereafter, Sadhvi preachers sang a devotional song "Badlenge dharti ki tasveer ko hum", showing their concern for environment.

The organization created awareness among people on Climate Change, the biggest issue world is facing today, and the importance of Earth hour as a countermeasure for it. People were informed through messages to observe Earth Hour at home, place of work etc. and mark their support for it. The disciples of H.H. Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji spent this hour in meditating for Mother Earth at home as well as in DJJS Ashram. During the hour, all the non-essential lights were switched off.

The organization under the banner of Sanrakshan, its nature conservation program set up an awareness counter at three different places in Ghaziabad to sensitize people about the importance of Earth Hour. Visitors were asked to switch off their lights for an hour and show their support for the issue. They all took a pledge to take action against climate change, ensure that their actions do not have any harmful impact on the planet and spread the word to their network of friends.

The organization commemorated Earth Hour by creating awareness among people about global warming, deforestation, climate change and other terms that are alien to people at grassroot level. Sadhvi Deepankara Bharti ji, disciple of H.H. Shri Ashutosh Maharaj ji, explained how humans actions are causing a serious impact on the planet, taking away not only its beauty, but also, its ability to support human existence. Thereafter, all the poeple meditated for an hour to re-energize Mother Earth marking their support for the cause.

During a weeklong awareness generation and public mobilization drive, DJJS Nature conservators handed over memorandums to:
- DCP East Delhi, Mr. Bhairo Singh Gujjar, DCP Office| The DCP ordered action on the memorandum instantly and asked his officials to send it to all offices under his authority.
- Mr. Ashok Aggarwal, President RWA, Preet Vihar G block
- Mr. Sandeep Tikriwal, Secretary E Block Preet Vihar
- Mr. Pradyumn Jain President Traders association Laksmi Nagar Mkt Delhi
- Mr. Jagjit Singh, Ms. Indu Narang & Neeta Bhasin - Office Supritendent, CPWD
- Mr. S.K. Chaari, Engineer DDA
- President V.K. Varshney; Secretary Mr. J.P. Rana, Tax Bar Association Delhi, CR Building ITO
- Mr. Shayampa Varshney, President Varshney Samaj Vivahik Samiti
- Mr. Sunil Kumar Electrical Project Division, CPWD, IP Bhawan ITO
- Dr. Deepak Kumar, HOD Capri Spine Clinic, ordered turning out extra lights at his 4 hospitals in NCR region.
- Mr. Uma Shankar, ACP Traffic
- Mr. Vivek Mishra, SDM
- Mr. Sunil Prashar, Executive engineer
- Mr. S.K.Rai, Executive engineer, C.P.W.D

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