DJJS Hoshiarpur undertakes Swachhta Abhiyan (cleanliness drive) at Tehsil complex


On September 24, 2017, DJJS Hoshiarpur centre in association with Sh. Arvind Prakash Verma (Tehsildar), undertook a cleanliness drive at Tehsil complex sensitized people about tree plantation, and installed tree guards in the premises. The guards were setup for almost 200 trees, which were planted by DJJS Sanrakshan earlier in the area.

Upholding the dictum of Cleanliness next to Godliness, DJJS Nature Conservators took to the cleaning of the tehsil complex thereby promoting civic sense among people of the area. Motivated by the selfless efforts of DJJS volunteers, the complex employees shouldering their environmental responsibility joined the drive.

Post cleaning session, a special sensitization session was also organised for employees and locals elaborating on importance of keeping the surroundings clean. In addition, they were apprised on the method of planting and taking care of trees as well as varieties to be chosen for plantation.

The program received the support of Sh. Jatinder Jorwal (IAS SDM) and Sh. Arvind Prakash Verma (Tehsildar), who also urged everyone to act sustainably so that future generations could also benefit from what we have benefited in our time. They said the best contribution by this generation would be to plant as many trees as possible, for they have the capability to maintain the ecological balance.

The office members, employees and other people appreciated the efforts and dedication of DJJS towards the cause and expressed their willingness to have more such programs in their premises in future.


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