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Students of all backgrounds at the Swami Keshwanand Sen. Sec. School, Abohar. Punjab stood witness of the historical lecture on Moral Values delivered by Swami Vigyananand Ji, a representative of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS). He familiarized the audience with the philosophy the organization stands for. Swami Ji discussed at length with students as to how to become the best human beings we possibly can. He elaborated that this is achievable only by learning the core of all knowledge i.e. the knowledge of self. He stated that although we live in this modern world, we are still oblivious of the most ancient knowledge known to humankind, the divine knowledge.

DJJS Lecture on Moral Values Enthralled Students at Swami Keshwanand School, Abohar, Punjab

He further explained that divine knowledge is time-tested and holds true even today. All the saints of the history abide by this very knowledge leading to various discoveries within them, in the deepest inner realms. He stated that the same knowledge was being brought to practice through which all things emerged. Basic human values took shape through this knowledge as well as the moral values that mankind stood on. Moral values such as honesty, brotherhood, fraternity, unity, respect, pride, dedication, etc. all emerged through the practice of the ancient Divine Knowledge. During such pious times, life was being lived not just spent. Each moment was cherished as it was lived with connectivity with the Supreme. All tasks are achieved successfully with the help of right guidance from Lord himself.

DJJS Lecture on Moral Values Enthralled Students at Swami Keshwanand School, Abohar, Punjab

He further stated that today's chaotic world is heading towards destruction due to these basic moral values being vanished from the hearts of individuals. Therefore, it is necessary to reinstate these values within our lives and practice them to bring about a better future for ourselves and generations to come. He stated that His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji is such a divine personality shaping individuals into noble human beings by imparting ’Brahm Gyan’ i.e. divine knowledge. He Himself practiced the ancient technique of Brahm Gyan through which complete enlightenment is achieved, and is in service of mankind by granting it to any seeker that comes His way. 

Brahm Gyan is the sole pathway to achieve the highest state of being: the human that will outshine with the moral values we all dream and perceive of.  Through these means, the root cause of the problem is tackled which is our wavering mind.  It is believed that all vices emerge from this one sole entity – the mind, therefore using this technique, the mind is tamed and put to work. As it is a hard task, the clarion call goes out to those who are true seekers to find the Almighty within. If the mind is cleansed, the actions will be noble and positive, making world a better place to live in.

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