Ludhiana, the place of girl child lohri's foundation, the festival was celebrated at Kailash Nagar with more than 300 attendees. The program was led by volunteers who started-off with a quiz in order to portray the generic mindset. Next to the quiz was a cultural dance performance, the traditional dance form-"giddah". Covering the hidden social message of quiz, Sadhvi Ji discussed growing menace of sex-selective abortions. Misuse of PCPNDT techniques has given rise to it. She discussed the observations of the yearlong campaign that had conferences with legal & medical fraternity, grandparents, women and public at large. "To get over such social evils, one has to be connected to the real self through spirituality that gives him a sense of righteousness and rational mindset", said Sadhvi ji. The program saw bonfire in the end with the audience.

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