With every passing generation, the distance between human- nature relationship is widening. The result is every deteriorating environmental condition. With the aim of bridging this ever- widening gap, DJJS Sanrakshan led My Earth My Responsibility campaign ongoing in Ludhiana, organized an illuminating seminar for the students of Shifaly International School, Rahon Road on 16th May 2015. The session opened with a talk on the current state of environment delineating various environment problems.  .

DJJS Ludhiana creating pro- environmental values in young minds

“Water, which they had always seen flowing from the tap and would never finish, is a resource in crises; the air they breathe is not fresh, rather adding poison to their bodies; and the trees they had always thought would provide them shade, are unfortunately getting lesser day by day. It is not that they are never told to save environment in school, it is just that they did not know how serious the issue” said MEMR Nature Conservator Ms. Neelam Goel.

DJJS Ludhiana creating pro- environmental values in young minds

As per a report by WHO, Ludhiana is among the 10 most polluted cities of the world. MEMR Nature Conservator, Mandeep Sahota explained to the students the various factors that have given Ludhiana this tag. She further discussed that the earthquake, Tsunami and other natural disasters we are witnessing today are actually man made.

In the following section, Sadhvi Mamta Bharti ji, disciple of H.H. Shri Ashutosh Maharaj ji, talked about the pollution that is the root cause of all environmental problems, not air, water or land, rather pollution in human minds. She said it is only through spiritual enlightenment builds compassion within human hearts and subsequently enabled them to shoulder their responsibility towards mother earth. The students asked their queries from Sadhvi ji. Also, few of them discussed the steps they already take at their homes towards environment protection.

The volunteers, in the end, distributed the leaflets briefing 12 Ways to protect Mother Earth to all. Moreover, the students took pledge to save environment through their signatures and also, gave their valuable comments about the seminar.

Sansthan received full support from Smt. Rozi Jain, the Principal and Sh. Vishal Jain, the Director of school. The students and teachers of the school appreciated the efforts of sansthan towards the noble cause.

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