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Faridabad witnessed a heartwarming event on 28 April 2024 as DJJS Manthan SVK, a holistic education program for underprivileged children, hosted a grand "Manthanotsava"- a sponsor-donor meet. The program commenced with a lamp-lighting ceremony, accompanied by the chanting of Vedic mantras by the BrahmGyani Ved Pathi-s of Divya Jyoti Ved Mandir.

DJJS Manthan SVK Manthanotsava Celebrates Holistic Education

Manthanotsava provided a platform for the talented young students of Manthan SVK Faridabad to showcase their skills. The children enthralled the audience with poem recitations, captivating dance performances, and an enlightening skit on the importance of education. This special event also facilitated a heartwarming interaction between sponsors and their sponsored children. Sponsors witnessed firsthand the overall growth and academic development of the children they support.

A book distribution ceremony was held during the event, where sponsors presented academic books to the students for the current academic year. Guests from various walks of life attended the program and were deeply impressed by the profound impact Manthan SVK has on these young lives. Chief guests Ms. Suman Bala, Hon’ble Mayor, Faridabad, Mr. Raj Kumar Vohra, District President, BJP, Faridabad, Mr. Manoj Naswa, Councillor, Faridabad, Mr. Dhanesh Adlakha, President, BJP, Haryana and over 250 sponsors, donors, students, and volunteers came together for this heartwarming celebration.

DJJS Manthan SVK Manthanotsava Celebrates Holistic Education

Sadhvi Deepa Bharti Ji provided a detailed introduction of the Manthan SVK initiative, highlighting the program's remarkable impact and the positive results it has yielded. The program concluded with a vote of thanks delivered by Sadhvi Shikha Bharti Ji. Sadhvi Prasanna Bharti Ji and Sadhvi Subuddha Bharti Ji also graced the event with their presence, sharing words of wisdom with the attendees. Sponsors and students alike expressed their appreciation for the event, which concluded with a group photo session and heartfelt testimonies.

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