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The epic saga of Shri Ram Katha lends the mankind insight on connectivity with the Supreme Lord that dwells within every human. Supreme manifests into Human form like Lord Rama once in every Yuga to end Adharma and establish Dharma, on Planet Earth and in the entire cosmos. Lord Rama is pioneer to mankind in unravelling the secrets of Divine Knowledge and teaching us to live in accordance with the divine principle. Good and evil coexist in the form of Rama and Ravana at all times in this world. Lord Rama in the role of Perfect Master provides opportunity to all jivas to connect with Supreme soul and destroy evil within. The saga deciphers the divine play of advent of Lord Rama and the merits of Ram Rajya i.e. The Ideal Kingdom.

DJJS Organised Shri Ram Katha, Sprinkled Hues of Divinity and Spirituality onto Devotees of Fazilka, Punjab

To depict such Divine Knowledge in its quintessential aspect, to relegate the foundation of good virtues and morals laid by Lord Rama in order to transform tormented beings, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan organized a mega 7-day Shri Ram Katha program from 30th September to 6th October 2018. Under the holy guidance of the Perfect Master of the present time, Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji. Sadhvi Shachi Bharti Ji was the orator for the program, eloquently delivered the pearls of wisdom on how to engineer one’s life on the path of righteousness and devotion.

DJJS Organised Shri Ram Katha, Sprinkled Hues of Divinity and Spirituality onto Devotees of Fazilka, Punjab

She explained the plight of humanity today which makes it pertinent for divine intervention to restore peace, equanimity and religious virtues just like embodiment of Lord Rama during Treta Yuga. Lord bestowed his benign grace in the form of Divine Knowledge or Brahm Gyan to Hanuman, Bharata, Lakshmana and many more.  Today, Ravana, the demon resides in every human in the form of vices and hence only a Perfect Master can accentuate on the practical experience of God which is the ultimate source of all Divinity in life.  The discourse was accompanied by devotional and soulful bhajans. The audience felt rejuvenated with the spiritual thoughts expressed in the lyrics of these soulful bhajans.

The Katha program was dedicated to one of the social projects “Antardrishti” out of the 9 projects run by the organization and an exhibition showcasing the same was the highlight for the event. Antardrishti makes efforts to provide employment opportunities to the physically challenged, besides the invaluable spiritual knowledge. Various products made by such special people were displayed helping them to become financially independent.

Audiences were astounded on witnessing the work done by organization on all fronts. On the whole, the Katha proved to be a powerful medium of familiarizing the masses with the dire need to transform themselves by being blessed with Brahm Gyan.

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