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Patriotism fundamentally signifies a sense of historical, political, social and cultural allegiance and love for the fellow-citizens and for the mother-land. Spirituality and patriotism are inter-connected and advocate that one should consider the whole world as one family. This way patriotism is considered as a comprehensive experience and conveys the feelings of belongingness and attachment in a larger perspective since it would not just mean love for one’s own country but for the entire humanity. It motivates one to contribute towards the welfare of the entire globe. 

DJJS Organized Lecture on Patriotism Defining True Patriotic Fervour at Gwalior, M.P

With the benign blessings of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, DJJS organized a lecture on the theme “Patriotism” on 26th July at ‘Saraswati Shishu Mandir’ School, Morar, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh with the intent to spread the spiritual-patriotic vigor among the student-teacher community.  The preacher-orator of the event Sadhvi Madalsa Bharti Ji ecstatically instilled the patriotic zeal and enthusiasm among the colossal gathering of students.

DJJS Organized Lecture on Patriotism Defining True Patriotic Fervour at Gwalior, M.P

The theme of the lecture ‘Patriotism’ was deliberated through multifarious historical, ancient and modern values, incidents and illustrations. Sadhvi Ji delineated thought-provoking renditions along with soul-stirring melodious patriotic songs that left the audience mesmerized and deeply intrigued. Sadhvi Ji adduced that the real patriotism lies in being empathetic to the problems of the entire mankind and not being self-centered to cater to the interests of one’s own countrymen. Spiritualism is beyond religion, culture or political boundaries. The true patriotic person is one who is spiritually inclined and is ready to sacrifice his personal interests for the benefit of the entire humanity.  Even Swami Vivekananda urged citizens of India to follow practical patriotism which calls for knowing thyself and exploring the gems of the inner world to acquire the virtues of rationality and public welfare. 

Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji also proclaims that self-awakening is the key to global peace. When one get awakens spiritually they learn to control their negative emotions and can transcend them back into the positive emotions in no time. Such introspection would then decrease the worldwide problems of revenge, war and distrust quite considerably. A self-realized individual can encounter the external world challenges of achieving equality, peace and unity in the most efficient ways and can contribute to nation building as well as maintaining cordial relations with the entire world.

Sadhvi Ji concluded that Self-actualization engenders the inner transformation of a human being which acts as a catalyst in bringing the positive changes not only in the internal environment but also in the external environment, promotes equanimity and universal brotherhood. As per our scriptures, it is the moral and spiritual regeneration of the masses that in turn would fuel universal regeneration. When people are cognizant from within, they enshrine the real joy of patriotism and discharge their duties as citizens of a country more diligently, with extreme loyalty and fervor. Spiritual growth can lead to positive transformation and growth of people, society and ultimately this planet.

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