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In day to day hustle and bustle of daily chores, there is something that is silently killing us each day. It is not any physical disease but the one which is killing our mind and eventually the body. Worldwide, organizations are talking about this silent killer called ‘Stress’. This word has become very common in the vocabulary of everyone, even a four year old child. Few years back, this word was seldom heard. However, respite is available. It is possible to manage this stress if not eradicate it completely.

DJJS Organized Lecture on Stress Management at Abohar, Punjab

In order to learn how to tackle stress, anxiety, tension, and pressure, DJJS organized a lecture on stress management on August 22, 2019 in Sarvhitkari Vidya Mandir, Abohar, Punjab. Swami Vigyananad Ji, preacher disciple of DJJS used present-day examples and scenarios to demonstrate the task at hand as well as revealed the concrete solution to tackle such situations.

DJJS Organized Lecture on Stress Management at Abohar, Punjab

Swami Ji said that the stress can be managed, if not alleviated, using the technique of Brahm Gyan. It helps oneself to remain connected with SELF with the help of which concentration, positivity and moral values fall in place. Life becomes more disciplined and carefree. He further explained that though human mind holds immense capabilities and can be useful in performing taxing tasks, it does require period of calm to rejuvenate itself. The mind is a double-edged sword which if not handled with care, can harm the person in the most disastrous ways. A human, then, must be able to successfully exercise the power of discernment to infer the importance of any task. This demands deep focus which stems from the inner pool of wisdom.

He further described that when the chain reaction of thoughts is already in motion it requires a strong external force to bring the inner change. Here, the grace of a true spiritual Master (Guru) becomes that benign force which has the power to alleviate the chain of thoughts. The Eternal Science of Meditation has a reforming effect on our thoughts, attitude, and outlook towards work and life as a whole. Only meditation based on ‘Brahm Gyan (divine knowledge)’ has the power of break the whirlpool of thoughts.

So the stress can not only be managed but also eradicated given the right approach. Knowing the self – not just the body or the mind, but the true self- the Spirit, which is the ultimate source of peace, enables one to be at bliss high above the calamities of the mind. Meditation has been considered by the ancient sages as well as modern scientists to be the most fruitful solution to stress. It is about going beyond thoughts and senses that is a total merger of mind and body with the soul.

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