Agne naya supatha raye asman vishvani deva vayunani vidvan |
Yuyodhyasmajjuhuranameno bhuyishtham te nama uktim vidhema || 18 ||

DJJS performed Yagya at District Jail, Karnal for  Serenity and Peace
Oh Agni! Lead us into the virtuous path! 
Oh Divine! You are aware of all the deeds!
Remove the abundance of my crooked acts!
I offer the salutations expressively!

The premises of District Jail, Karnal reverberated with this prayer from Upanishad on 30th December 2015.

DJJS performed Yagya at District Jail, Karnal for  Serenity and Peace

Antarkranti, an initiative of DJJS, on the proposal of prison authorities conducted a ‘Yagya’ inside the jail premises on 30th December, 2015. The Yagya was carried out with an aim to dispel the negative energies and create a pure and calm atmosphere full of positive vibrations. Pandit Indersh Ji and Pandit Ram Tiwari Ji from DJJS performed the Yagya in the presence of  delegates – Swami Dheeranand Ji (DJJS), Shri Sher Singh Ji (Superintendent), Shri Ashok Ji (Dy. Superintendent), Shri Subhash Ji (Dy. Superintendent), Dr. Deepak Ji and Shri Pawan Kansal Ji. The entire jail staff was part of this event. 

The Yagya has its significance since the Vedic times. Having a purifying effect, it kills harmful bacteria and neutralizes the pollutants present in the air. It has a therapeutic properties also healing stress and depressions. The symbolic meaning of the ritual fire offerings performed during Yagya, was also disclosed. It inspires people to surrender their ego, greed, negativity to the almighty and tread the path of righteousness. 

The recitation of Sanskrit mantras along with Yagya created a pure and serene atmosphere which not only purified the surroundings but also cleansed the minds of attendees. For two hours when the yagya was going on, the attendees experienced a state of peace and tranquility.

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