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Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan, under the divine guidance of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji is putting their conscientious efforts to convey the rich resource of knowledge of the ancient legacy to the masses and infuse in them the inevitable divine endowments. To celebrate this Divinity within, DJJS organised a soulful monthly spiritual congregation on Jan. 19, 2020 at Jagadhri, Haryana. DJJS representatives beautifully explained the significance of “Bhakti” which is the highest path to spiritual and overall uplift, and true Bhakti is possible only when a human being surrenders himself/herself in the feet of a perfect master and attains the knowledge of ‘Brahm Gyan’ (divine knowledge).

DJJS Reiterated Significance of Guru in Monthly Spiritual Congregation Held at Jagadhri, Haryana

Nowadays, we are living a supersonic life surrounded by cutting-edge gadgets, but as far as our spiritual or inner wellbeing is concerned, all these technical advances are taking us backwards. Honestly, with every passing day we are losing our basic human values, our souls are becoming hollow; we have started finding solace into petty worldly things, whereas the purpose of this valuable human life is far more precious than this. We are living our lives as if we are machines. In short, we all are living in a world of complete chaos, assuming it to be the fate; but this can be managed efficiently if we learn to hear our inner voice of God. We are controlled by our own sins and such are those that we live under the threat of forgetting almighty. Without that Supreme Power, we have only prepared the humanity killing machine. We are full of doubts; we are following the time-tested fundamental Values but vaguely.

DJJS Reiterated Significance of Guru in Monthly Spiritual Congregation Held at Jagadhri, Haryana

They further explained how to mend the path of life and lead it in the path of righteousness by practicing Meditation. Meditation is the only path to connect with Master; it makes us learn the essence of self-evaluation and inculcates the seed of gratitude in us. Guru is always there to help and blesses his disciples so that they can dive deep in the ocean of spirituality and purify his purged soul, but nothing can be done unless a disciple makes a sincere effort. Moreover, the sense of gratitude plays an important role in this world of spirituality. Gratitude must be expressed not only for this precious life, but also for every moment being a golden opportunity to attain the heights of cosmic connection. Our every action, be it in thoughts, speech, or deeds should be a prayer thanking the universal energy and our Guru for giving us the chance to see that divine within.

The congregation, in meditative poise collectively prayed for human welfare and world peace. The programme ended with the community feast – Bhandara. Altogether the devotees present there, experienced an upsurge in positive energy, and left the venue with faith in their hearts, joy on their faces, and equanimity inside them.

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